This article is about The Rebel officer named Harran. You may be looking for Harrandatha Estillo, Prince of Eiattu.

Harran was a Human male Rebel officer holding the rank of captain in 0 ABY. He was of slightly above average height, and had red hair.


As of approximately eight months after the Battle of Yavin, Harran was in command of a covert mission to infiltrate the Imperial base on Kalist VI to rescue Jorin Sol and steal vitally needed fuel supplies. The plan called for Harran and his crew, which included Luke Skywalker and Deena Shan, to hijack the Imperial fuel tanker Nuna's Twins and impersonate its staff. This would then allow them access to the base.

Complications arose when the Rebels learned the base housed hundreds of prisoners being used as slave labor. Harran was doubtful of their ability to rescue these prisoners on top of their other objectives, but his reluctance was overcome by persuasive arguments of Luke and Basso.

After the Imperials were alerted to their presence, Harran rescued Deena from Captain Kale Roshuir—who had discovered he had been betrayed—knocking the officer to the ground. He then organized the escape of the Rebel force aboard a stolen assault ship.



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