The impostor posing as Prince Harrandatha Estillo was a man who resembled Prince Harrandatha Estillo of Eiattu 6. Brainwashed into believing he was Estillo by circuitry contained within Estillo's signet ring, he served Leonia Tavira, Moff of Eiattu 6, as a pawn and lover. In 4 ABY, he emerged, claiming that he was Estillo—who in fact had been killed as a boy during the Priamsta's execution of the royal family—and claiming the right to rule in opposition to the nobles of the Priamsta. Posing as a champion of the common people, he raised the People's Liberation Battalion to battle the Priamsta and the Galactic Empire's forces—and to secretly steal the planet's wealth for Tavira to abscond with it. He was exposed by Princess Isplourrdacartha Estillo, who had survived the purge and returned to Eiattu 6 on hearing of the impostor's campaign, and had a blaster shot hit his hand, destroying the ring. He was reduced to a state of incomprehension, his memories and mind lost.



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