"This is Harro Ruuk, Trade Federation Regional Commander of the Karthakk system. Turn back or you will be fired upon!"
―Harro Ruuk to Lok Revenants[src]

Harro Ruuk was an ambitious and somewhat violent male Neimoidian who served the Trade Federation during the Separatist Crisis and the beginning of the Clone Wars. Two years before the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Galactic Republic would be catapulted into the galactic conflict, Ruuk was the commander of droid forces on Maramere in the Karthakk system following the death of his former superior, Lord Toat. He followed the pirate Nym to the Haunted Straits and attempted to wipe out Sol Sixxa's pirates.

As Trade Federation Regional Commander of the Karthakk system, Ruuk oversaw the war effort against Nym's Lok Revenants. Adi Gallia and Nym came in search of Ruuk and his sensor station, which he had previously been using as a map to track and hunt down Nym and his crew. When his sensor station came under attack by the Lok Revenant forces, he evacuated in a crab submarine. His submarine was destroyed, but Ruuk managed to escape in an escape pod.

Shortly thereafter, he met with Captain Cavik Toth and presented to him his new bioweapon, trihexalon. However, when Toth learned that production of the weapon was behind schedule, he killed Ruuk and his subordinates with a sample of the weapon.



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