"Notify Fleet Intelligence: looks like Oplovis is coming out to play. […] If they are following standard procedures, they'll be moving tomorrow."
―General Vernan, to Commander Zgorth'sth[5]

Harrod's Planet was an Outer Rim Territories world located in the Oplovis sector. During the Galactic Civil War, the base of the Oplovis Sector Fleet of the Galactic Empire was located on the planet's surface. When the Sector Fleet was defeated by the Rebel Alliance in the Yuvern system, it regrouped at Harrod's Planet. The smuggler Cane Adiss, whose starship was being inspected by Imperial officers at the time of the attack, was also forced to rendezvous with the fleet there.

Two months later, the admiral in command of the Oplovis Sector Fleet was replaced with Admiral Gaen Drommel. The fleet spent the following six months stationed near the Harrod's Planet base, and an Alliance probe droid assigned to monitor the Imperial transmissions intercepted and recorded, among other signals, coded bursts from the fleet's flagship to the base on Harrod's Planet.


Harrod's Planet was a terrestrial world[5] located in the Harrod's Planet system, a part of the Oplovis sector[1] in the New Territories portion of[2] the Outer Rim Territories.[1] It lay on the Braxant Run hyperlane, which connected it to the neighboring Ketaris system as well as the Lahara sector's Mirgoshir system.[4] Harrod's Planet was the single habitable world orbiting its star, Harrod.[3]


Base of the Oplovis Sector Fleet[]

The smuggler Cane Adiss was forced to transport Imperial officers to Harrod's Planet.

During the Galactic Civil War, the base of the Oplovis Sector Fleet of the Galactic Empire was located on the surface of Harrod's Planet.[5] At some point, the entire Sector Fleet was stationed in the Yuvern system, where it was unexpectedly attacked by a Rebel Alliance battle line. Upon being defeated, the Imperial fleet withdrew to Harrod's Planet. The Rebel attack had also interrupted an Imperial inspection of the starship of the Yuvernian smuggler Cane Adiss. The officer aboard the vessel ordered Adiss to regroup with the Imperial fleet at its base. The Yuvernian returned the inspectors to Harrod's Planet without further incident. Adiss also agreed to watch out for Rebel activity before leaving the system.[6]

Two months after the skirmish in the Yuvern system, the Oplovis Sector Fleet was visited by[5] Dark Lord of the Sith[7] Darth Vader,[5] one of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine's most loyal servants.[7] Vader executed the admiral in charge of the fleet and appointed a new admiral,[5] Gaen Drommel, who commanded from the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Guardian.[3] For the following six months, the Oplovis fleet remained in covering range of its base on Harrod's Planet and did not perform any major military actions. Rebel Alliance Intelligence Commander Zgorth'sth later speculated about the fleet's inactivity during that time. According to Zgorth'sth, the new admiral spent the first two months processing the paperwork and taking official control of the fleet, which was followed by four months of maneuvers intended to shake down both the personnel of the force and the new command structure.[5]

Preparing for action[]

"Tell Fleet I still think they are heading for Atrivis to smear the army on Mantooine."
―General Vernan, to Commander Zgorth'sth on the Oplovis Sector Fleet[5]

Harrod's Planet served as the base of the Oplovis Sector Fleet, commanded by Admiral Gaen Drommel.

At some point by 2 ABY,[8] the Oplovis Sector Fleet raised its supply requisitions from the Imperial Navy by 4.1 percent. When Zgorth'sth learned of that fact, he theorized that the Imperial Naval Command had pressured Admiral Drommel into action, leading the officer to order the extra supplies for an upcoming offensive. In response, Zgorth'st arranged for Alliance assets to monitor the Oplovis fleet.[5]

Eventually, the Alliance probe droid D-127X became stationed on the edges of the Oplovis sector, from where he monitored the transmissions of the Sector Fleet. Among the signals recorded by the droid were high-density coded bursts sent from the flagship of the fleet down to the base on the surface of Harrod's Planet. Four weeks after the start of his mission, D-127X was discovered by an Imperial deep picket vessel of the Oplovis Sector Fleet and self-destructed. When Rebel Alliance General Vernan was informed of the situation, he speculated that the Oplovis fleet was mobilizing for an attack on the Alliance army located on the Atrivis sector planet Mantooine. Vernan predicted that, following standard procedures, the Imperial fleet would leave its station at Harrod's Planet for the Atrivis sector on the following day. Acting on the general's suggestion, an Alliance battle line led by Admiral Gial Ackbar traveled to the Atrivis system, where it then proceeded to attack and defeat the Oplovis Sector Fleet as it emerged from hyperspace.[5]

A decade later, between 12 ABY and 13 ABY, Harrod's Planet was situated within the borders of the Galactic Empire's successor state, the Imperial Remnant.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

"Harrod's planet" was introduced in The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, which was authored by Paul Murphy and published in 1990 for use with West End Games's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[9] In the 1994 second edition of the book, the planet was referred to as "Harrod's Planet,"[5] and subsequent sources continued using the capitalized form of the name.[3][4][6][10] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Harrod's Planet system, and therefore Harrod's Planet itself, in grid square M-5.[2]


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