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The Harrow was an Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer variant.



The Harrow was commanded by Marl Semtin.

Unlike most Victory-class vessels, the Harrow was powered by two primary engines and two vertically-lined secondary thrusters. The vessel had a single docking bay.[2]


The Harrow was commanded by Captain Marl Semtin. It was used in an attempt to recover a cache of loot and weapons stored by Sate Pestage on Tatooine shortly after the Battle of Endor. During this attempt, it saw multiple engagements with Rogue Squadron, until suffering a fatal explosive decompression as a result of several well-placed proton torpedoes from an X-wing of that squadron.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Harrow resembles a Victory-class Star Destroyer; the raised sections along the sides are reminiscent of the Victory-class's atmospheric maneuvering fins. However, there are major differences. The Harrow had two main thrusters with two vertically placed secondary thrusters between them. Also, it bears a similar command tower and ventral terrace to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. In addition, the Harrow lacked a forward docking bay. It is unknown if Harrow is the result of design-differences in separate Rendili shipyards or just heavily modified from a stock Victory-class Star Destroyer.



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