"Then, there were a few like Fiolla. Somehow she got through the Authority's screening process and managed to get a position without selling her soul to the almighty credit. She's the type of person who makes a difference. She would have made a great Rebel, you know?"
―Han Solo, on Fiolla[src]

Fiolla, more formally Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla of Lorrd, was an executive in the Corporate Sector Authority. She started off her career in the Authority on Etti IV while still a university student when she helped capture a fugitive holostar. Rising rapidly through the ranks, she soon achieved the rank of Assistant Auditor-General. In 2 BBY, Fiolla helped stop a slave ring on Bonadan after enlisting the aid of Han Solo, Chewbacca, and territorial manager Odumin. During this time, she struck up a brief relationship with Solo. After the successful completion of the mission, however, they parted ways, and Odumin promoted her to be his deputy. Fiolla's career in the CSA would later lead her to investigate the Prex's office after one of the Prex's assistants nearly killed her. Fiolla responded by launching an investigation into the office, intending to bring down Chils Meplin for espionage. By 0 ABY, Fiolla was a successful Auditor-General and owned her own business, Hart and Parn Starships, on Lorrd, though she spent most of her time working for the Corporate Sector Authority.

Like all Lorrdians, Fiolla was an expert at gauging other peoples' emotional state from minute details of their voice and their body language. She could also communicate using the Lorrdian system of kinetic communication, and was an expert mimic. However, unlike most CSA officials, Fiolla was an idealist who believed in the triumph of good.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life and career[edit | edit source]

"Welcome to the food chain, space slug!"
―Fiolla distracting Rex Shaxrigge[src]

Fiolla grew up on Lorrd, born into a middle-class household. Her parents owned a landspeeder dealership and lived what was considered a fairly uneventful life. This did not suit the adventurous Fiolla, some of whose favorite childhood memories involved hearing stories of show business from her uncle Rewello, a comedian who had once performed for the Regent of Alderaan.[3]

Fiolla eventually enrolled at the University of Kalla, where she studied political science. During a holiday, she and her roommates randomly chose a location in the Galactic Empire to travel to, ending up on Etti IV. She enjoyed the shopping opportunities on the planet, but found that it too lacked the glamour she had been seeking.[3]

One night during their trip, she and her friends were flirting with other customers at a dance club when she noticed the famous holostar Rex Shaxrigge. Agreeing to meet her friends back at their hotel later, Fiolla's curiosity was piqued and she followed the holostar out the back of the club, hoping to meet the celebrity. To her surprise, Shaxrigge met an older woman, and Fiolla noticed from the woman's posture and appearance that she had a military background. She remained hidden until Shaxrigge pulled a vibro-shiv on the woman. Thinking quickly, Fiolla imitated the lines of one of the characters from Shaxrigge's holodramas, distracting him. She then grabbed a tray of drinks from a passing droid and upended it on the would-be assailant, which gave the woman, a detached agent for the Auditor-General's office, time enough to summon her Espo backup. The agent, Dagmar Vozda, was impressed by Fiolla's talents and quick thinking. Vozda explained to Fiolla that Shaxrigge had been romancing female executives in order to obtain industrial secrets. Vozda then offered a Fiolla a job with the CSA's law enforcement establishment as her assistant, and Fiolla accepted, elated at the new prospects.[3]

Not long after she started at her job, Vozda retired and Fiolla replaced her as a full agent. Within three years, she had been promoted to Assistant Auditor-General, which was considered rapid advancement through the ranks. As a native of Lorrd, whose population had once been enslaved, she retained a hatred of slavers. Her motivation to put an end to slavery would eventually lead her on a case to break a slavery ring in the Corporate Sector.[3]

Adventure with Solo[edit | edit source]

Investigation[edit | edit source]

"You're looking at Fiolla of Lorrd, heroine of the spaceways."
―Fiolla, to Han Solo[src]

In 2 BBY, Fiolla was on Bonadan investigating a ring of slavers. The investigation had started when her portable computer terminal had malfunctioned and she had borrowed her assistant's instead while performing an audit. By chance, using that terminal had unlocked information on a slaver ring within the Authority and an impending meeting between the slavers and Zlarb. Her assistant, Magg, had intercepted a message that gave her the location of the meeting and Fiolla decided to attend after ordering Magg to investigate the spacer who was ferrying Zlarb to Bonadan. She also ordered him to try and break into the spacecraft while sending a message that sent the spacer to an Authority hangar to keep him out of the way. That part of her plan did not succeed though.[1]

Fiolla meeting Han Solo on Bonadan.

While Magg was investigating, Fiolla was waiting for a Zlarb to arrive at the meeting. However, instead of Zlarb, the spacer, named Han Solo, arrived at the meeting. Solo had previously killed Zlarb in an altercation on his ship, but the man had owed Solo ten thousand credits and Solo had set out for this meeting with the intent of collecting his credits. Zlarb's associate had different ideas, attacking Solo with a vibroblade. Fiolla attempted to shoot the assailant, but her blaster was inoperable. As the two fought, Fiolla grabbed a nearby swoop used by Zlarb's associate and ran the vibroblade-armed assailant over. With their attacker dead, Fiolla parked the swoop and attempted to figure out who this new person was, as she had originally thought that Solo was Zlarb.[1]

However, Fiolla and Solo did not even have time to introduce each other, much less discern the other's motives for involvement in the slaver affair before four more swoops came bearing down on them. Solo and Fiolla climbed aboard the swoop used by Zlarb's associate and roared away from their pursuers. Thanks to some reckless but skillful piloting by Solo through a canyon and a weather control station, they managed to lose the other four swoops.[1]

Returning to the main city, Fiolla and Solo went to a local tapcafe for a quiet conversation. Fiolla told Solo that she was investigating the slavers and wanted to recruit him to help her, knowing that she would be unable to rely on the local Espos for help as the slavers apparently had influence with them. Solo informed her that he was an independent spacer and that he just wanted to be paid, which she did not seem equipped to do. Furthermore, he had already been attacked previously while on Bonadan and was less than pleased about it. Fiolla seemed to be making little headway with the smuggler until his first mate Chewbacca arrived, literally toting a skip tracer named Spray. Spray had been trying to repossess Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon for unpaid debts, much to the extreme displeasure of Solo. Fiolla, knowing that it would guarantee her Solo's aid in her investigation, paid off the skip-tracer for Solo, surprising him greatly. To add to her leverage, Fiolla told him that she would leave his name off of her report to the Board of Directors. Solo, with few other viable options, agreed to help her, despite the fact that he would have to bring Spray along with him. Acting on a lead from Solo that traced Zlarb's activities through an agency on Ammuud operated by the Mor Glayyd clan, Fiolla and Solo went to pick up her assistant Magg while Chewbacca, Spray, and Solo's droid Bollux returned to the Millennium Falcon to prepare for a trip to Ammuud.[1]

Pirate attack[edit | edit source]

"Why is life so complicated around you? The pirates would take my money and leave me in peace, but not Han Solo, oh no!"
―Fiolla, complaining to Han Solo[src]

The two returned to Fiolla's hotel room at the opulent Bonadan Imperial Hotel. However, upon arriving in her room, she found that both it and Magg's room had been ransacked. Solo quickly ordered her to grab whatever she needed so they could leave swiftly. Fiolla did so and the two departed, with Fiolla realizing that she couldn't report the incident to the Espos if she suspected their involvement. The two returned to the Millennium Falcon but found that it was being watched by several suspicious beings, including two of the swoop riders from earlier that day. As that avenue of reaching Ammuud was removed from them, Fiolla and Solo opted to take a passenger liner instead; they would meet up with Chewbacca and the Falcon on Ammuud. Solo inconspicuously signaled the change of plans to his first mate and he and Fiolla boarded the shuttle that would ferry them up to a waiting ship to Ammuud. Fiolla, flush with Authority credits for her expenditures, paid for the tickets, though Solo told her to use currency rather than vouchers, as it was less traceable. His revelation that her missing assistant might be dead or captured did little to assuage her fears.[1]

However, Fiolla's string of bad luck continued as their shuttle suffered mechanical delays and missed connecting with the ship that would have taken them to Ammuud. With no other option, Fiolla and her irritated Corellian partner were forced to take a much slower tour ship, the Lady of Mindor. She did enjoy her time on the ship, particularly when spent in the company of Solo, though to his annoyance, she kept her stateroom door locked when she was sleeping. Solo offered to recoup some financial losses via his gambling skills, but Fiolla refused to provide him with the stake he would need.[1]

While they were walking along the ship's promenade, the Lady of Mindor dropped out of hyperspace and immediately came under attack by pirates. Fiolla and Solo immediately made a run for it; as Fiolla still retained her hard currency on her person, there was no need to retrieve anything from their quarters. Despite the unsuitability of her formal shimmersilk dress for quick flight, the two made their way towards the escape pods. As the captain of the Lady of Mindor had surrendered the vessel, the pods were disabled. Solo found an unmanned laser cannon turret and was preparing to fire on a pirate boarding craft, much to Fiolla's displeasure, when the Corellian came up with a different idea. Evading boarding parties sent by the pirates, Solo led the thoroughly unhappy Fiolla down through a series of service corridors. Fiolla failed to see the point of this dirty, hot, and uncomfortable journey and accordingly provided her opinions to Solo. In response, Solo informed her that the pirates were likely after them instead and that mollified her somewhat.[1]

After traversing the length of the entire vessel, Solo brought Fiolla back to the airlock where the pirate craft had boarded, intent on capturing it and using it to escape the Lady of Mindor. Sending up Fiolla first to pose as a scared passenger, Solo ambushed the lone guard who came to investigate the terrified young woman in the utility locker. After Solo knocked the guard out and seized his weapon and armor, Fiolla and Han Solo boarded the pirate craft, heading for its rack of escape pods. En route, they were confronted by a pair of pirates. Solo fired his captured weapon, a flechette launcher, at the pair, and while the light antipersonnel rounds were of little use against armored pirates, they were enough to buy time for their escape in a ship's lifeboat. Solo grabbed Fiolla and pulled her to safety; the identity of one of the pirates had completely shocked her: her assistant Magg, who had been part of the slaver ring the entire time.[1]

Mor Glayyd[edit | edit source]

"I thought you were the Han Solo who said he could get more in this life with a blaster than with an open expense account. So this is your department. Besides, Gallandro will almost certainly withdraw when he finds out he'll have no chance of killing the Mor Glayyd anyway. And who'd dare face the great Han Solo."
―Fiolla, to Han Solo[src]

Landing on Ammuud's well-defended spaceport, Fiolla pretended to be attached to Solo in order to help assuage the suspicions of the port security officials, who were made up of members from several different clans. With her bedraggled appearance and ragged dress, Fiolla's presence did much to convince the guards of their plight. Fiolla and Solo, revealing that they had business with the Mor Glayyd, the head of the Glayyd clan, were conducted off to the Glayyd clan estates, though not before Solo's droid Bollux was able to meet up with them. Bollux informed them that Chewbacca and Spray had set the Millennium Falcon down in the hills and were repairing damage from a bomb that had been placed on the ship.[1]

Han Solo and Fiolla on a swoop

Between information they gleaned from Bollux and the port security guards from the Glayyd clan, Fiolla learned that the patriarch of the clan was going to fight a death-duel with an offworlder as demanded by Ammuud's social honor code. Realizing that they could not afford to allow their source of information to be killed, they hurried over to the Glayyd holdings in an attempt to meet with the patriarch before he entered the duel, though they left Bollux to return to the Falcon to apprise Chewbacca of the situation.[1]

At the Glayyd stronghold, Fiolla and Solo met the Mor Glayyd's sister Ido, who informed that the death-duel was over an insult and a physical blow she had received from an offworlder, who had turned out to be the famous gunman Gallandro. Fiolla, recognizing the name, revealed to Solo that Gallandro was a special operative of the territorial manager Odumin. Furthermore, she told him that he needed to take the Mor Glayyd's place in the duel, counting on the fact that Gallandro would back down once he found that it was not the Mor Glayyd participating in the death match. Solo was extremely displeased with this idea, but he had no other choice, and he did agree that, since the duel appeared to be a plot to kill the Mor Glayyd, Gallandro would withdraw. As the Mor Glayyd prepared to meet Gallandro, the unhappy Corellian hastily took his place, knowing that it was his only chance to stop the slaver ring and even have a chance of recouping the ten thousand credits owed him.[1]

As Fiolla had predicted, Gallandro did indeed back down from the duel, but Solo made several caustic remarks about the gunman. Fiolla chided Solo for his brashness and after seeing Gallandro's speed and accuracy when the other gunfighter fired at several practice targets, Solo was inclined to agree with her.[1]

After Gallandro left, Fiolla and Solo were able to discuss matters with the Mor Glayyd regarding his associations with Zlarb. Though the clan head was originally unwilling to reveal his connections, Han's mention that Zlarb was a poisoner was able to garner more information; the previous Mor Glayyd had died of poisoning recently and the late Zlarb had been a Malkite Poisoner. After the connection between them was revealed, the Glayyds were more forthcoming. With a data plaque, spare parts to repair the Millennium Falcon, and a fresh change of clothes to replace Fiolla's torn dress, Fiolla and Solo returned to the grounded freighter, locating its landing area in the remote mountains. Upon seeing the names of the Authority officials on the data plaque, Fiolla was incensed by the corruption. As Han set their borrowed lifeboat down near the Falcon and commenced the nearly-complete repairs with the aid of Chewbacca and Bollux, three unknown vessels were detected. A quick check by Solo revealed that the lifeboat's transceiver had been rigged to send out a constant transmission. Solo immediately suspected Fiolla, who denied the accusation.[1]

Pursuit and rescue[edit | edit source]

"Not everyone can outfly them or rob them blind, Han. But somebody inside might bring change, as Spray's been trying to do: If someone had the right position, she might do a great deal of good."
―Fiolla, to Han Solo[src]

The entire party boarded the Millennium Falcon and took off. Due to his suspicion of her, Solo placed Fiolla in the forward compartment being observed by Bollux while Spray flew the ship. In order to shake off their pursuit, Solo and Chewbacca manned the quad laser cannon turrets. The two spacers were able to defeat the three smaller ships, but soon they were chased by a much larger vessel—the slaver vessel that had attacked the Lady of Mindor. The Millennium Falcon attempted to escape, but was caught in a tractor beam and slowly reeled in, despite the efforts of its crew. An unpleasant fate at the hands of Magg and the other slavers on the vessel was averted when an Espo Victory-class Star Destroyer arrived and turned its own tractor beams on the two ships. The slaver vessel tried to fire on the destroyer and received a turbolaser barrage to its main power plant in return, eliminating any further resistance.[1]

Spray, in the mean time, had returned to the tech station where Fiolla was to examine the damage done to the Falcon by the slaver vessel. As he worked, Fiolla noticed him scratching his hands, as he had been doing previously, and realized that he had been the person who had attacked Solo back on Bonadan; Solo had told her that he had bitten his assailant's hand. Fiolla realized that Spray had been manipulating the two spacers the entire time, but the skip-tracer responded calmly, informing her that her career was at a critical juncture and advising her to cooperate with him.[1]

As the Millennium Falcon was hauled into the hangar bay of the Espo destroyer, they were met by Gallandro, who ordered them out of the freighter. Fiolla, along with the others, disembarked from the Millennium Falcon, where Spray revealed that he was Territorial Manager Odumin and Gallandro had been his assistant. As Odumin revealed how he had been controlling the whole situation and using Solo in order to draw out and break the slaver ring, Solo and his partner were thoroughly infuriated. Odumin also noted Fiolla's dedication, ambition, and loyalty, stating that the aftermath of the investigation would leave her an opening to advance rapidly to deputy territorial manager. At that point, Odumin ordered Gallandro to take the two spacers into custody for crimes committed. Gallandro replied that he would do so after Solo and Chewbacca flew the Millennium Falcon back to port on Ammuud, clearly intending to have a blaster duel rematch against Solo. Odumin consented, reminding Gallandro to recover the data plaque from Solo. During this entire ordeal, Fiolla stood by quietly, refusing to meet Solo's eyes, as she knew that her position was on the line.[1]

However, what neither Odumin nor Gallandro knew was that Fiolla had rigged Zlarb's security case, which held the data plaque, to emit a powerful electrical surge if the safety was released. Solo used this to his advantage to paralyze both himself and Gallandro while giving Gallandro the case. Chewbacca then arrived and tied up Gallandro. With the Falcon still in the hangar of the Star Destroyer, Solo quickly noticed that Fiolla and Spray were still in the vicinity, having just climbed into a safety cage that would take them back into the destroyer. Acting swiftly, Solo slipped the cage off of the hoist with Fiolla and Spray inside it. He hooked the cage and its hostages onto the Falcon's forward cargo mandible, and soared out of the hangar bay.[1]

With the status quo suddenly altered in favor of the two smugglers, Solo ordered Gallandro to discuss some terms for the return of his hostages—namely, his unconditional release and the ten thousand credits he was owed. Then, looking at the cage where Fiolla and Odumin were hanging in space, Solo indicated his gratitude and appreciation for her actions in a way that only she would notice due to her talents in kinetic communication. Fiolla was amused by his response, and Fiolla stayed with Solo for some time afterwards. This was ostensibly to ensure the Authority kept its word, but Solo's reasons for retaining her were of a more personal nature.[1]

Fiolla stayed with Solo for some time afterwards, but when he prepared to leave the Corporate Sector, she returned to her job, knowing that her work and a promotion were awaiting her.[4]

Later career[edit | edit source]

"Don't worry, my friend. Meplin's days of selling the CSA out to the Empire are over. I stake my life on it."
―Fiolla of Lorrd, to Naven Crel[src]

Fiolla with her prisoner.

In 0 ABY, as an Auditor-General, Fiolla was sent to recover a prisoner named Naven Crel from Commex and bring him back to Direx. Crel had been charged with industrial sabotage and Direx wanted to put him on trial rather than having Commex simply execute him. The mission was long and exhausting, with Fiolla having to go thirty hours without sleep and with her fuel and power cells nearly exhausted. Departing the world of Ulicia with her prisoner on her ship, the Tydia Rish, Fiolla was en route to deliver her charge when she received a new message from the office of the Prex.[5]

The message contained a new assignment for her, and was assigned a priority X, which gave her no choice but to immediately depart on the new mission, with Crel in tow. Informed of the destruction of the first Death Star by the Rebel Alliance by the message, Fiolla's orders were to investigate a Rebel cell in the Abo Dreth system. As the Tydia Rish jumped into hyperspace, Fiolla fell asleep in the cockpit and awoke to find Crel had escaped from his binders and was holding her blaster on her. She quickly threw the ship into rapid deceleration, knocking Crel over, and retrieved her blaster. After re-securing her prisoner, she set the Tydia Rish down on Abo Dreth near where her life-sign indicator had revealed a presence.[5]

Bringing Crel along with her, she and Crel donned breath masks against the atmosphere. While surveying the area around her landing zone, she was surprised by another woman pointing a sporting blaster at her. The woman revealed that she was Akeeli Somerce, the assistant to the Prex, and that she was here to kill Fiolla and her prisoner. The two of them had too much information on the Prex's illegal leaking of CSA information to the Empire, and the Prex, Chils Meplin, had sent the Priority X message to Fiolla to lure her and Crel to where they could be discreetly killed.[5]

Noting that Crel had once again managed to work his way out of his binders, Fiolla stalled Somerce long enough to allow Crel to draw her blaster and fire upon the other woman just as Somerce opened fire. While Fiolla managed to leap out of the way of the blaster bolts, both Somerce and Crel were hit. Before he died, Crel revealed that he was an undercover Auditor-General and ordered her to get Meplin, which Fiolla readily vowed to do.[5]

Around the same time, Fiolla also invested money into a family landspeeder business on Lorrd in the city of Qatamer, Hart and Parn Starships. She had little interest in running the establishment, but invested some of her money from her Auditor-General's position into the business, expanding its merchandise into starship sales and repair. However, she continued to refuse to become involved in any kind of direct dealings with the Rebellion.[6]

Also in 0 ABY, her old flame Han Solo, now himself a member of the Rebellion, brought fugitives from the Empire, Zak and Tash Arranda, as well as the shapeshifter Mammon Hoole, to Hart and Parn Starships to obtain repairs for their ship, the Shroud. Fiolla was not present when they arrived, as she was conducting an audit on Daermor, which annoyed Solo, who did not trust her associates. Fiolla calmed him down, arranging for him and his party to stay with a friend of hers, Governor Zenobia le Ingiana of Kinyov, who was both a high-ranking official and more sympathetic to the Rebellion than she was. She also allowed both the Arranda children to look around her store, provided they didn't break anything. The two Arrandas would later uncover a pair of Imperial spies trying to unleash a buried weapon on Lorrd, however, they were able to foil the scheme and escaped with the aid of a former actor named Garik Loran, who borrowed and subsequently damaged an R-22 Spearhead starfighter from Fiolla's lot for the escape attempt. After the incident, Loran hoped that Fiolla would sell him the craft.[6] By 10 ABY, Fiolla still held the rank of Auditor-General.[3]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Oh, she's precisely what she said she is: an ambitious, aggressive, loyal employee. The housecleaning required by this whole business will leave some prime job slots in my organization; I plan to see Fiolla amply rewarded."
―Odumin, on Fiolla[src]

Fiolla was an adventurous woman who enjoyed excitement and disliked the banality of a normal life.[3] She was also ambitious, hard-working, and loyal to the Corporate Sector Authority, fully believing that she could bring about needed reform to the organization. Unlike many other employees of the CSA, Fiolla was an idealist who was wanted to do the right thing. She even discreetly helped Han Solo take her and Odumin hostage so that the smuggler would be able to escape the consequences of CSA litigation; Fiolla felt that Solo's previous aid to her investigation was more than recompense for their freedom, and she had enjoyed Solo's company.[1] Fiolla detested slavers and slavery, a part of her Lorrdian heritage.[3] To her associates and companions, Fiolla also was known for her quick thinking, her wry sense of humor, and keen observation, though Han Solo noted that she could also be naïve, as Fiolla often refused to suspect malicious intentions on the part of others. Still, she was practical and generally well-prepared, such as constantly keeping her cash money on her person in case of quick flight.[1]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

"I forgot how bright you are, Fiolla."
―Odumin, to Fiolla[src]

Thanks to her Lorrdian upbringing, Fiolla was able to detect the slightest kinetic motion, such as body language, and imitate it. As such, she was an accomplished mimic. This skill would help her gain her entry into CSA employment. She was also versed in the use of a blaster.[3] She would use her abilities when negotiating, as she could infer much of the other party's intentions from their body language and tone. While she was not an accomplished pilot during her investigations into Zlarb's slaver ring,[1] Fiolla would later acquire her own vessel for use in her investigations, which she piloted herself.[5] Fiolla was trained in a number of disciplines according to her law enforcement background, including swimming, first aid, computer programming, demolitions, vehicle piloting and repair, lock picking, forgery, pick-pocketing, negotiation skills, and melee and unarmed combat.[3]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Han Solo[edit | edit source]

During her investigation into the slaver ring operating in the Corporate Sector, Fiolla found herself slowly growing attracted to Han Solo. Solo, impressed by her beauty, talents, and quick thinking was equally if not more attracted to her.[1] After Solo negotiated his release from the Corporate Sector and the slaver ring was broken, Fiolla spent some time with the Corellian. While they enjoyed each other's company, she knew that her job back in the Corporate Sector awaited her, so when he left the Corporate Sector, she returned to her position.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Fiolla, as she appears on the cover of the 1997 re-issue of Han Solo's Revenge

Fiolla was first created by Brian Daley for Han Solo's Revenge and her backstory was later expanded in Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook.

Though her hair color has been described as black in nearly all of the stories in which she appears, Dave Dorman's art for the cover of the 1997 re-issue of Han Solo's Revenge depicted Fiolla with golden hair. This discrepancy has not been addressed by Lucasfilm Ltd. authorities.[1]

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