Harte Secur Airbase was a military installation used by the Naboo Airforce, located southwest of the city Harte Secur. It harbored some of the planet Naboo's best pilots. In 32 BBY, fighters from the Airbase attacked the Trade Federation Droid Army forces under OOM-9 during the Invasion of Naboo.


Harte Secur Airbase was located southwest of the city Harte Secur on the planet Naboo. It contained several buildings on two sides of a paved stone path that ran through its center, which came to a dead end marked by an obelisk in front of a cliff on the northwest side. The southwestern facing side of the Airbase had two prefab shelters, a command center, a power core, and a spaceport, while the northeastern side had two airbases with a power core between them, and another two prefab shelters. The buildings in Harte Secur Airbase were decorated with orange patterns. The Airbase was utilized by the Naboo Airforce and as such was capable of deploying aircraft. Royal trade ships transported goods between Harte Secur and the Airbase.[1]


OOM-9 was given a reconnaissance report about the pilots from Harte Secur Airbase.

In 32 BBY, during the Invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation, the Airbase was guarded by one Udopal speeder rider. As the Trade Federation Droid Army prepared to attack Harte Secur, their information networks uncovered that the Airbase harbored some of Naboo's best pilots, and a briefing to the B1-Series battle droid OOM-9 recommended that he destroy the Airbase after retrieving a droid control program that the Naboo had stolen.[1] Once OOM-9 regained the program, fighters[2] from the Airbase attacked his camp.[1]

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OOM-9's forces later destroyed the Airbase.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Harte Secur Airbase appeared in the 2001 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, in which it is featured in the second level of the Trade Federation campaign: "Behind the Lines." Destroying the Airbase is optional for the player but recommended by the level's reconnaissance report. If the player does not quickly destroy Harte Secur Airbase, it spawns N-1L Light Starfighters and NB-1 Royal Bombers to attack their camp.[1]


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