The Harthusa's Pride was a modified space yacht owned by the Devaronian slaver, Harthusa. Confiscated by agents of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Bissillirus system shortly after the liberation of Kentara, they kept the ship as they continued to investigate the Bissillirus Resupply Base


Harthusa's Pride was a Luxurious-class space yacht manufactured by Ghtroc Industries. Thirty-one meters long,[1] the ship had cargo capacity to store seventy-five metric tons within thirty cubic meters of space,[2] and one month's worth of consumables. The ship was extensively modified by the Devaronian slaver Harthusa to his specifications, and reflected his own personal creed, which was to run rather than fight. Harthusa's Pride was fast for a vessel of its class, capable of achieving speeds of 1,200 kilometers and hour. Its hull and deflector shields were relatively weak, and could only withstand a few hits. Likewise, its armament was a single laser cannon. However, the vessel was installed with a sensor stealth package that made the Harthusa's Pride difficult to detect.[1]

The ship was equipped with a navigation computer and sensors, and a Class Two hyperdrive[2] with a Class Twelve backup unit. A crew of one pilot and one gunner operated the vessel, and four passengers were able to be transported comfortably in the luxurious appointed staterooms with carpeted corridors and expensive statuary. Harthusa also maintained a private master suite stocked with liquors and spices. The cargo hold was fitted out to contain cells to contain up to thirty cells. After its modifications, the Harthusa's Pride cost 350,000 credits.[1]


The Harthusa's Pride was Harthusa's base of operations as he plied his slave trade around the galaxy.[2] Around 0 ABY,[3] the Harthusa's Pride was appropriated by Alliance to Restore the Republic operatives after they raided Harthusa's compound on Deysum III and freed the Wookiee Kentara, a fellow Rebel that Harthusa had sold into slavery.[2]



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