The Harvest Moon was a 100-ton grain freighter operating during the Galactic Civil War. Working in the Sarrahban system, it was used to smuggle Rebel Alliance refugees and ytterbium out of the system.


The Harvest Moon was a 100-ton grain freighter. It was equipped with both sublight and hyperspace engines.[1]


The Harvest Moon was part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic partisan force operating on the planet Sarrahban during the Galactic Civil War. Although Sarrabhan attempted to remain neutral in the conflict, the Galactic Empire deployed a squadron to bring the planet under Imperial rule. Forewarned of the invasion, the Alliance forces on the planet prepared to evacuate aboard the Harvest Moon, escorted by armed T-16 skyhoppers. The freighter was carrying Alliance refugees and Sarrabhan's reserves of stabilized ytterbium.[1]

As the Harvest Moon and its escort launched from the surface, they were attacked by a wing of TIE/LN starfighters. Although the T-16s managed to destroy and drive off the enemy, the Harvest Moon had taken a direct hit to the planetary drive engines. The freighter subsequently crashed in the planet's equatorial highlands. The T-16s managed to right the vessel after its landing, but parts to fix the freighter were required. The closest source of the parts were located across the ocean, and a team of operatives took the T-16s to recover the parts while the refugees in the treated the wounded.[1]

Due to the Imperial forces dealing with Sarrabahn's planetary defenses, locating the downed Harvest Moon had not been a priority. Refugees began seeing Imperial search parties shortly before the operatives who went for the spare parts returned. As repairs were being made, an Imperial cruiser located the crash site. After informing Imperial headquarters, the cruiser deployed a platoon mercenaries. Alliance forces held off the mercenaries long enough for the repairs to be completed, then the Harvest Moon lifted off, running the gauntlet of Imperial ships and escaping into hyperspace.[1]



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