"I honestly don't know whether to laugh or shed a tear. Here I've been thinking of you as a talented smuggler and able mercenary, and now I learn that you're more a sentimental chaperone."
―Wilhuff Tarkin[1]

Has Obitt was a male Dressellian who was a smuggler active during the reigns of both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. Obitt became a pawn of Orson Krennic in his schemes for power. During Orson's initial scheme, Obitt was tasked with rescuing Galen, Lyra and Jyn Erso from their Separatist captors on the planet Vallt. During the Imperial Era, Obitt traveled with Lyra to Alpinn searching for kyber crystals. Obitt was involved in a rebellion in the Salient system, along with Saw Gerrera and was captured at Salient II by Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. During his capture, he arranged a deal with Tarkin to allow him to regain his freedom in exchange for getting back in Krennic's good graces and spying on Krennic for Tarkin.[1] Has, however, secretly arranged for Saw Gerrera to help the Erso family escape from Coruscant.[1]

Jyn Erso later had a toy doll named "Lucky Hazz Obloobitt."[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

"I needed another foil for Krennic, someone who he could bring into the mix that would become important to the ultimate plot of the book. Krennic is trying to manipulate Galen but is also trying to manipulate Wilhuff Tarkin. Obitt will end up playing an important part in Krennic's schemes to get his way and increase his personal power base, in part by getting everyone else into trouble."
―James Luceno[3]

Has Obitt first appeared in the 2016 canon novel Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel, which was written by James Luceno. The novel served as a prequel to the Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[1] Luceno created the character because the story required an additional foil for Krennic, someone Krennic could bring into the mix who would become important to the ultimate plot.[3]



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