Hashim was a group of three Assassin-class corvettes used by the Galactic Empire. They were to retrieve TIE Defender prototypes from the freighter Mharsup. They were attacked by six Y-wings but Tan Maarek Stele managed to protect them. Maarek then boarded one of them, and they jumped to hyperspace to try and reach safety. However, they were ambushed by the Rneekii pirates with the Strike-class medium cruiser Intombe. Though they were disabled, the corvettes were saved by Maarek Stele again. However, while awaiting a repair crew from Cargo Ferry group Mssan, the Rebel Alliance attempted to attack the cargo ferries. They were stopped again by Maarek, but while he was distracted by the Rebels, Nami pirates then attacked Hashim 1 and captured it. Rneekii pirates made an another appearance in the MC40a light cruiser Sumpntodo, but they were again driven off by Maarek Stele.

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Hashim in Arabic means 'destroyer of evil'. It is also likely to refer to hashashim, the original word for "assassin".

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