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"We are merchants, not conquerors."
―Hath Monchar to Jurnel Arrant[src]

Hath Monchar was a male Neimoidian Deputy Viceroy of the Trade Federation from the planet Neimoidia, between the years 33 and 32 BBY. He betrayed the Federation's ally Darth Sidious, by foolishly attempting to sell information on his schemes to the highest bidder. This would inevitably cost Monchar his life.


In 33 BBY, Hath Monchar together with Settlement Officer Rune Haako, captain Daultay Dofine conspired with Darth Sidious ensure Viceroy Nute Gunray's rise as the sole leader of the Trade Federation. That in turn, would allow them to strengthen their own positions as well.

Following the deaths of the members of the Trade Federation Directorate (orchestrated by Sidious), Gunray became the unquestioned leader of the company, placing Monchar and his associates in the vacant seats of power.

Later, Monchar betrayed Darth Sidious and Nute Gunray when he fled the Trade Federation flagship Saak'ak with a Sith holocron storing information about the upcoming Invasion of Naboo, hoping to make a fortune selling it to the highest bidder.

His treachery attracted unwanted attention from both the Federation and the Sith, both trying to retrieve the holocron and prevent Monchar from spilling their secret plans. Sidious sent his Sith apprentice Darth Maul to track and hunt down the former Deputy Viceroy as well as his contacts.

Monchar attempted to sell the holocron to Darnada, a Black Sun vigo, in the Deep Space Demolition and Removal space station. However, the Dug laughed him off, disbelieving Monchar's claims. Luckily for Monchar, he left Darnada immediately before Darth Maul arrived to slaughter Darnada and his entire operation except Asa Naga who managed to escape and warn Alexi Garyn of the assassin.

Weeks or months later, Monchar went into hiding on Coruscant, where he attempted to sell the holocron to information broker Lorn Pavan for 500,000 credits. Lorn sold the holocron to Yanth the Hutt for 1,000,000 Galactic Credits. However, Darth Maul soon killed Yanth and stole the holocron back, before returning to his mission.

Hoping to silence Monchar before Sidious could discover his betrayal, Gunray had Rune Haako dispatch bounty hunter Mawhi Lhinn. Unknown to the two Neimoidians, Sidious was already aware of the Deputy Viceroy's treachery. Darth Maul tracked Monchar to his domicile, where he proceeded to kill the Trandoshan bodyguard, Gorth, and two Quarrens, then beheaded Monchar himself while suspending him in the air with the Force.

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Personality and traitsEdit

Monchar was a greedy and treacherous Neimoidian who betrayed the Trade Federation and Darth Sidious in the end, which cost him his life.



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