Hathox Greb was a male Hrakian spacer living in times of the Galactic Civil War.

The captain of the bulk freighter Niax, Greb operated in the Commonality. He used a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, a PAC20 visual wrist comlink, Holorecording Macrobinoculars and a breath mask. He wore a padded flight suit.

A pilot specialized in space transport, Greb was also a experienced navigator and spacehand, with knowledge about computers. He did not speak his species' language but was fluent in Kilmaulsi and Paigun languages.

Unlike most Hrakians who were neutral about pangalactic politics, Greb was a zealot supporter of the Galactic Empire. While Greb was doing his job, he was alert for criminal and Rebel activity, as he believed the Commonality was a throng of traitors. Greb hoped to discover a conspiracy, becoming a hero and getting access to better-paid contracts.

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