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"Governor Haveland and her people have had a great deal of trouble with them in the Esaga sector."
―Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit, on the gralloc infestation in the Esaga sector[1]

Haveland was a female individual who was a moff in the Galactic Empire and, during the Imperial Era, acted as the governor of the Esaga sector after her father had held the position prior. In that role, she had Director Orson Callan Krennic funnel the supply chains for Project Stardust through the sector. For years, she and her forces faced issues from grallocs attacking the starships in her sector, leading to the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn being tasked with resolving the situation. During that time, Haveland communicated with Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit, discussing Thrawn's efforts and the identity of an individual responsible for the Chiss' successful career.

Later on, when the freighter Brylan Ross was captured in the sector, she, Savit, and Captain Lochry discussed what to do with the individuals aboard—Imperial Security Bureau agent Dayja Collerand and Assistant Director Brierly Ronan—and the evidence they discovered; Savit's treachery in using the grallocs to disrupt the Esaga sector supply lines. She ordered that the ship and everything in it be handed over to her as it was seized within her area. Instead, the evidence was provided to Thrawn, who had initially suspected Haveland as the perpetrator, and his 7th Fleet. It was later sent to Savit's Third Fleet, thus exposing him as a traitor to the Empire. Despite revealing the cause of the problem, Thrawn was unable to eliminate the grallocs from Haveland's sector.


Gralloc problem[]

"If Governor Haveland couldn't get rid of the cursed things in three years of trying, you aren't going to do it in a week."
―Balanhai Savit, to Thrawn on Haveland's efforts in dealing with the grallocs[1]

A female individual, Haveland was a moff of the Galactic Empire during its reign who owned a mansion and governed the Esaga sector after her father had served as governor. At some point, she convinced Director Orson Callan Krennic to have the supply chains for Project Stardust, which involved the construction of the Imperial Death Star superweapon, be funneled through her territory. The arrangement had multiple conditions, one of which had the moff provide the best security for the ports and freighters in the area. For three years in the sector, she and her forces faced great trouble in dealing with grallocs, a cousin species to mynock creatures, while also obtaining information about them.[1]

Grand Admiral Thrawn was tasked with solving Haveland's gralloc problem.

At one point, Krennic arranged with Haveland to have a number of Fifth Priority shipments go through the sector, but they were redirected to an intermediary point through Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit's machinations that were unknown to the Empire at large. There, the cargo, consisting of valuable components such as point-defense turbolaser batteries, was switched out with lower-level components. The grallocs were then drawn to the Esaga sector and the ships located there, thus creating chaos in which the pilots of the ships with valuable components claimed they had received damage from the creatures and left the area through hyperspace to relocate to another point. There, the cargo was transferred to Savit's own ships in order to siphon resources from Project Stardust to support other Imperial projects.[1]

Around 0 BBY,[2] the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn was tasked by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Krennic with investigating and finding a solution to Haveland's problem in one week as a result and was provided with her information by Savit. She was later informed of the loss of the Allanar N3 light freighter AL6-KM44 to grallocs and also learned of rumors that Thrawn's successful career was due to the work of an individual under him, but was unaware that the individual was the Imperial–turned–Chiss Ascendancy officer Eli N. Vanto.[1]

Prisoner problem[]

Savit: "Let me get this straight. You've captured a freighter that supposedly has proof of sabotage or theft, and a man who says he's a senior official of the Stardust project. And you can't tell me whether either of those claims is true?"
Lochry: "It's…complicated, sir."
Haveland: "Not in the least. This man and this ship were apprehended in my jurisdiction. Captain Lochry's confusion is irrelevant: I get to decide what's done with them."
―Savit, Lochry, and Haveland[1]

Haveland was frustrated with the loss of the Allanar N3 light freighter AL6-KM44 (an Allanar N3 light freighter pictured).

Later on, she contacted Savit via hologram. Haveland voiced her frustrations with Thrawn's lack of progress and the loss of AL6-KM44, to which Savit responded that the Chiss had only begun his work. The moff then brought up the rumors she had learned of earlier, and the two debated the identity of Thrawn's associate before Savit suggested that Haveland spend less time on the rumors and instead focus on protecting the ships in her sector. While Haveland retorted by pressing Savit to resolve her problem, the Grand Admiral informed her that the situation was out of his hands and ended communication. She later tasked the Imperial forces at the Kurost transfer point with a dozen insurgency-suppression missions across the Esaga sector, leaving the transfer point defenseless.[1]

Around that time, Thrawn and his allies' efforts initially led them to suspect that Haveland and her administration were involved in having the grallocs attack the ships, but further investigation eventually cleared the moff of suspicion as the Chiss had worked out that Savit was involved in the disrupted supply lines. Meanwhile, on the planet Aloxor within the Esaga sector, Imperial Captain Lochry's Star Destroyer, Stormbird, captured the freighter Brylan Ross, whose crew included Imperial Security Bureau agent Dayja Collerand and one of Krennic's senior associates, Assistant Director Brierly Ronan. Through holograms, Savit, Lochry, and Haveland discussed what had been found within the freighter; evidence of Savit's involvement in the disruption of the Esaga sector's supply lines.[1]

The moff pointed out that Lochry and his ship were under her jurisdiction, and therefore she decided what would happen to the freighter and the individuals aboard. When Haveland learned that Ronan asked to be delivered to Savit instead of her, she scoffed, stating that prisoners were not to dictate their own treatment. Upon Savit's suggestion that Lochry keep the prisoners, Haveland demanded that they be turned over to her, but to no avail as the Grand Admiral closed communication with them. Afterward, she became insistent on acquiring the evidence from Ronan.[1]

Ultimately, the evidence was given to Thrawn and his 7th Fleet. He had his commodore, Karyn Faro, send it to Savit's Third Fleet during a battle with them, revealing the latter Grand Admiral's treachery to the Empire and leading to his arrest. Although a traitor to the Empire had been caught, Thrawn was unable to find a solution that would rid the Esaga sector of grallocs.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"She is a pip, isn't she, sir?"
"She's a woman who sees a threat to her little domain and is scrambling to protect it. Quite predictable, really."
―Lochry and Savit, on Haveland[1]

Facing the grallocs for years, Haveland became frustrated and spoke with anger when reporting the loss of AL6-KM44 to the creatures to Balanhai Savit. She was also eager and enthusiastic when convincing Director Krennic to funnel Stardust's supply chains through the Esaga sector. When reviewing Thrawn's progress, she shot back at Savit, telling him to focus on solving the situation with the grallocs after the latter suggested that she spend more time on protecting the ships under her control. The moff also pointed out her authority to Lochry and Savit while discussing the capture of the Brylan Ross, sternly requesting that the prisoners and the evidence aboard be turned over to her. Savit saw Haveland as a woman who scrambled to protect her domain whenever a threat arose and considered her to be "predictable."[1]

Behind the scenes[]

In the current Star Wars canon, Haveland appeared in holograms in Timothy Zahn's novel Thrawn: Treason, the final installment of Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy,[1] released on July 23, 2019. Prior to the release, Haveland was first mentioned in an excerpt for the novel on StarWars.com on June 26 of that year.[3] At one point in the novel, Haveland is referred to as "Havelock,"[1] an error that was rectified in the audiobook adaptation.[4]

In the Star Wars Legends continuity, Haveland, identified as a male, was first mentioned in the "Galaxywide NewsNets" feature in the November 1995 eighth issue of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal. The feature was written by Paul Sudlow, and the name was spelled "Havaland"[5] before being changed to "Haveland" within the same feature in the subsequent issue in February 1996, also written by Sudlow.[6] The latter spelling was carried over to 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[7]



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