"We're determined to find out where this filth is coming from. For Core's sake, it's our privileged children affected here."
―Havidald Guffin on the PSAS-5128 death stick fiasco[src]

Havidald Guffin was the principal of the public subadult school PSAS-5128, located in the Jrade District of the Core World planet of Coruscant, in 22 BBY. In the same year, the Jrade School Board discovered several students in the school who possessed death sticks. Guffin, along with the rest of PSAS-5128, resolved to get to the bottom of the matter.[1]

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Havidald Guffin's only appearance is in an article in Vol. 531 #53 of the in-universe website HoloNet News. The issue was released on April 25, 2002.[1]

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