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The Strike-class medium cruiser Havoc was part of Admiral Devlia's command on Vladet, in the Rachuk system. It intercepted the Customs Frigate Battle of Yavin in the nearby Hensara system, causing the New Republic ship to land on the surface of Hensara III to avoid engagement. Havoc landed a ground team, including an AT-AT walker, to search out the frigate, and then departed the system. The cruiser later returned to Hensara, refitted with two hangar bays and carrying twenty-four TIE/LN starfighters, six TIE/IN interceptors and six TIE/sa bombers. The New Republic was in the process of a rescue operation, so Havoc launched its fighter complement, but did not engage the enemy. Rogue Squadron pounced on the TIEs, and eventually destroyed all but two of the ships sent by Havoc, two Interceptors, without losing a single craft.

As significant as the loss was at Hensara, the Havoc itself was untouched and ready to be called upon again. With the discovery of the New Republic base on Talasea, in the Morobe system, Admiral Devlia sent a small force to destroy the establishment. The mission became another failure for Devlia, but it did cause Rogue Squadron and the other New Republic troops there to abandon the base. Havoc and the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Black Asp then escorted a larger force to secure the planet. This turned into another massive tactical error for Admiral Devlia, as Vladet was left virtually undefended, and vulnerable to attack, an opportunity the New Republic took quick advantage of by attacking and destroying the headquarters at Grand Isle, killing the admiral.



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