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"Sometimes, I get the feelin' the Havoc is alive. She sometimes fires before I pull the trigger, an' when we're in hyperspace, I swear her engines sing me to sleep."

The Havoc was a modification of the experimental Scurrg H-6 prototype bomber/starfighter and was owned by the Feeorin pirate Nym.


The Havoc possessed exceptional speed, armor, and shields, but its weapons were the true identifying mark of its success.[source?] Six powerful forward-facing laser cannons, arranged three on each wing, had enough power to tear open all opposing ships that were unfortunate enough to get in the line of fire. A high-powered automated rotating ball turret mounted on the dorsal side of the craft could shoot at targets by itself when the ship's pilot was otherwise occupied.[3] After the Invasion of Naboo, Jinkins added a bank of concussion missiles, proximity mines, and cruise missiles.[4]

Havoc's ventral surface

Deadly as all these armaments were, they were nothing in comparison to the ultimate power of the Havoc: a concealed bomblet generator, capable of fashioning potent energy bombs by drawing from the power of the ship's reactor core. The original prototype was equipped with proton bombs that were released via two bomb chutes. However, after the modifications, the rather unstable bomblet generator could provide an infinite number of bombs for Nym's destructive needs.[source?] This was also supplemented with a charged bomb, called the plasma scourge, which was even deadlier.[3] This generator was totally modular, allowing its safe removal for use in other craft when necessary.

The Havoc also possessed a small cargo hold, which Nym utilized when delivering blaster carbines.

The original Scurrg H-6 bomber design required a minimum crew of five: one pilot, a gunner for the turret, a secondary gunner, a navigator, and a demolitions expert in charge of the bombs. However, the intensive modifications wrought by Jinkins allowed Nym to fly the starfighter alone, with only two astromech droids as backup.


Birth of a fighter[]

Nym named his Scurrg H-6 bomber, the Havoc.

The Havoc was a one-of-a-kind prototype constructed by the Nubia Star Drives, Incorporated. The Nubians hoped to sell an entire line of these formidable starfighters to the Naboo, but the pacifistic world rejected them as being too heavily armed.

The lead designer and engineer for the Havoc, a Bith named Jinkins, attempted fruitlessly to convince the Collective that the Scurrg H-6 model still had hope. After a few years of worthless lobbying, the Collective placed the bomber into indefinite storage.

A disillusioned Jinkins conspired with Nym to steal the bomber, and after their narrow escape, they set out to form the Lok Revenants.[source?] The intricate design on the Havoc's wings was the logo of the pirate band, which established a permanent base on the planet Lok.[2]

Fighting the Federation[]

Havoc's dorsal surface

He used it until he was captured by the mercenary Vana Sage. He later escaped with the help of a disguised Jinkins and Kole.[5] He continued to use it in raids against Trade Federation shipping in the Karthakk system.[2] In 32 BBY,[6] the Federation took control of Nym's base, and Nym loaned his services and his starfighter to the Naboo Resistance. Nym, Sage, and the Naboo pilot Rhys Dallows teamed up to attack a Federation factory on Eos, then stole armaments in a dogfight over Naboo. Nym and Sage then joined the defense of a Resistance outpost. After the invasion was finished, Nym departed the planet to see to his crew.[2]

Ending an occupation[]

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Almost 10 years later,[7] Nym was still flying the Havoc against the Trade Federation's occupation of the Karthakk system. He and his crew joined the Jedi Master Adi Gallia. The Revenants attacked Spacestation 1138 to free prisoners, then fought Sabaoth Squadron on Maramere. The Havoc was also used in the multistage battle of Nod Kartha. Nym then flew his starfighter to free his base from the Trade Federation.[4]

During the height of the Galactic Civil War nearly 22 years later, the Empire created a model of the infamous starfighter, which were later sold during Empire Day by various Imperial organizers of the festivities.[8] Nym still owned the original vessel during this time.

Behind the scenes[]

The Havoc is a playable craft in the Star Wars: Starfighter video game series.


Havoc concept art


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