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Warning! This page contains spoilers from Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Caution is advised.

"If this is where you want to be, then this is where you'll stay."
Hunter, to Omega[src]

The Havoc Marauder was a Omicron-class attack shuttle that served as the personal starship of Clone Force 99, also known as the "Bad Batch." The craft was unique compared to other Grand Army of the Republic starships, so it was used for the Bad Batch's covert and undercover missions throughout the Clone Wars.[2]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"I suggest we use our transport; not the most luxurious ride in the galaxy, but it doesn't scream "Republic" like the rest of these."
―Hunter in an unfinished version of "The Bad Batch"[src]

The Havoc Marauder, with the pin-art of Padmé Amidala.

The Havoc Marauder first appeared in the unreleased, development version of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "The Bad Batch," and later appeared in the unfinished versions of subsequent episodes. The ship appeared again in the finished releases of the arc, streaming on Disney+ starting February 21, 2020.

In the unfinished version of "A Distant Echo," the vessel had nose art depicting Naboo senator Padmé Amidala in a provocative fashion with the subtitle "Good to be Bad."[3] However, in the finished version of the episode (and, by extension, its other completed appearances), the nose art is no longer present.[8]

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