"Say, Roark, my man. You ever flown an Imperial transport?"
"Bad idea."
"Yeah. Let's do it…"
―Hawk Carrow and Roark Garnet[src]

Hawk Carrow was a smuggler, who accompanied Roark Garnet as a co-pilot aboard the Dorion Discus freighter.



Roark Garnet rescued Hawk from the Regina Cayli

The male Hawk Carrow operated as a smuggler during the Galactic Civil War, occasionally working as a co-pilot for Roark Garnet aboard his ship, the Dorion Discus. While making an unscheduled delivery to the planet New Bakstre, the Dorion Discus was forced down by Imperial Customs cruisers. Carrow's leg was wounded by stormtroopers from the Imperial M-class Imperial Attack Transport Regina Cayli, and he was captured. In the ship's infirmary, a medical droid applied a healing sheath to Carrow's leg. Garnet, who had evaded capture by the Empire, infiltrated the Regina Cayli and rescued Carrow.[1]

Sometime later, Carrow and the Wookiee spacer Nagraoao were captured by the Empire and imprisoned in the Spice Mines of Kessel. Roark Garnet took the Dorion Discus to the Kessel system to rescue his friends, but was stopped for inspection by a Star Destroyer. Garnet bribed the Navy officer to let him go.[2]



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