Hawk Ryo was a male Twi'lek Je'daii Ranger who served the Je'daii Order on Tython at the height of the Infinite Empire's reign. A member of Clan Ryo, Hawk Ryo was the brother of the notorious Baron Volnos Ryo and the brother-in-law of Je'daii Temple Master Kora Ryo. A friend and ally of Daegen Lok, Ryo shared a vision of a terrible conflict with Lok during their expedition into the Chasm on Tython. Refusing to share this knowledge with the Je'daii Council, Ryo said nothing as Lok was deemed a madman and exiled to the moon of Bogan. When war came to Tython, Ryo admitted to sharing the vision with Lok and the pair fought alongside each other on behalf of the Je'daii when the Infinite Empire attempted to invade the Tython system.


Early life[]

Rangers Ryo and Daegon Lok explore the Chasm after the Despot War.

A Force-sensitive Twi'lek, Hawk Ryo was born into a wealthy family on the planet Shikaakwa. The brother of Baron Volnos Ryo, Hawk Ryo was trained in the ways of the Force by the Je'daii Order on the planet Tython, one of nine planets in the Tython system which made up the Settled Worlds. As a Journeyer, Ryo had a romantic relationship with fellow Journeyer Rori Fenn; the pair ended the relationship after they ascended to the rank of Je'daii Ranger.[5] During his life as a Ranger, Ryo introduced his brother to his future wife, Je'daii Master Kora.[6] A veteran of the Despot War, Ryo's father and eldest brother were executed by Despot Queen Hadiya for refusing to pledge loyalty to her cause.

Not long after the war ended, Ryo was convinced by his friend Daegen Lok to investigate the Chasm underneath Anil Kesh on the continent of Talss. Descending into the darkness using jetpacks, they searched for answers to the mysterious Chaos Wall, the invisible barrier which caused all who passed beyond it to go mad. Though Ryo advised they take their investigation at a pace, Lok recklessly dove deeper and deeper into the darkness. Looking into the void, they then experienced a vision depicting an armored being with a single red eye leading an army and carrying a sword of fire. In his haste to escape, Ryo dragged Lok out of the Chasm and took his friend to Akar Kesh. High atop the monolith, within the Temple proper, the Je'daii Council listened to their report before denouncing the vision as madness and exiled the two to the moon of Bogan.[7] Ryo was eventually allowed to leave after convincing himself that it was Lok who experienced a false vision and was driven mad.

Mission with Lanoree[]

In 25,793 BBY, Ryo was dispatched by the Je'daii Council to join Ranger Lanoree Brock on the moon world, Zerist. There, Ryo and Brock were assigned to oversee a mining dispute and resolve the conflict which had arose with the abduction of the young Oma Dessain. Surveying the abandoned town of Kainnan, Ryo detected two armed Twi'lek guards whom he assumed were related to the Shikaakwan ship which had suspiciously landed during the town's evacuation. Even more suspicious, the ship was registered to Ryo's baron brother who had investments in mining interests in the area. Reporting to Ranger Brock that he believed that his brother's men were guarding the missing girl, Ryo set out to discover what the guards were protecting. Attacking silently and drawing on the dark side, Ryo killed the guards, one of which he recognized as his brother's personal guard, Deon Aarlaa. Racing into the building as a nearby volcano began to erupt and drop ash onto the abandoned city, Ryo killed the three guards overseeing their prisoner and freed the girl. Racing against the volcano to the safety of the subterranean caverns where the negotiations were being held, Oma Dessain refused to cooperate with the negotiators who sought to see her married to Brom Santis, the representative from the workers protesting the Dessain Mining family. Under Brock and Ryo's counsel, the negotiates were resolved when both parties agreed to call off the marriage in exchange for the fostering of each child to the opposition's family house.[8]

Arrival of the Force Hound[]

Following the mission with Ranger Brock, Ryo made way for the Furies Gate space station as part of a meditative retreat. Sitting in front of the viewports and looking out into the void of space aided Ryo in the settling of his thoughts after a mission.[8] Ryo was still aboard the space station when a ship of unknown design and origin entered the system; the first ship ever to enter the system since the arrival of the Je'daii on Tython. Informing Captain Gost that he would alert the Je'daii Council on Tython, Ryo transmitted a message to Temple Master Ketu before following the large ship in his fighter.[3] Tracking the ship to Tython, Ryo rendezvoused with Je'daii Master Quan-Jang and Ranger Rori Fenn and surveyed the wreckage of the ship he had been tracking after it crashed into the Rift. Transmitting video footage of the wreck to his sister-in-law, Temple Master Kora Ryo, at Kaleth for her to review and study. Unable to determine the ship's design, origin, or who was piloting it, the Je'daii avoided attacks by several saarls before setting down in a clearing near the wreckage of a small escape pod. Investigating the pod while a violent Force storm began to form overhead, the Je'daii discovered the broken remains of the weapons of Je'daii Journeyers Shae Koda and Sek'nos Rath, as well as the downed speeder of Ryo's niece, Journeyer Tasha. Investigating further, the group was surprised by Rath's mount which was being chased by Butch, the rancor-dragon pet belonging to Journeyer Koda. After Master Quan-Jang calmed the beast, the group concluded that the three Journeyers had engaged in battle with a survivor of the wreckage and were in serious peril deep in the Rift without their weapons in the middle of a violent Force storm.[6]

Master Quan-Jang search party

While Master Quan-Jang took off on the rancor-dragon to survey the wreckage, Ryo and Fenn paired up on the back of Rath's bipedal mount and delved deep into the Rift in search of their wayward Je'daii. Delving deep into the Rift, Ryo directed the beast while Fenn attempted to use her sensor goggles to find the lost Je'daii despite interference from the storm.[5] With their beast weary, Ryo and Fenn circled back in time to see Quan-Jang's mount get struck by lightning and plummet to the ground. While Quan-Jang was fine, the beast was wounded and would be no more use to them. Traveling on foot to the mouth of the Abyss of Ruh where the storm was the strongest, the trio descended the slopes of the Abyss determined to locate the missing Je'daii. Locating them at the nexus of the storm in battle with a Human warrior and a saarl, Ryo and Fenn set to take out the beast while Quan-Jang meditated above to dissipate the storm. Killing the saarl with the aid of the Force Hound called Xesh, Ryo and Fenn attempted to capture Xesh but the storm was too concentrated around him. When Quan-Jang succeeded in clearing the storm, Ryo and Fenn secured the Force Hound and traveled with him and the others to Mahara Kesh for healing. When the Council announced its decision to banish Xesh to the moon of Bogan, Ryo advised the man to meditate on the light side of the Force in order to find salvation and Balance.[9]

Hunting the prisoners of Bogan[]

After Xesh's exile, Temple Master Tem Madog attempted to study the Forcesaber which had been confiscated from Xesh upon his capture. Lacking the skill to activate the alien weapon, Madog turned it over to Ryo who turned it on with no effort. Drawing on the dark side of the Force, Ryo had found that the Forcesaber drew its power from concentrating on raw anger. Having learned to control and focus his anger on Bogan, Ryo's skills with the Forcesaber both impressed and troubled Master Madog, who allowed him to hold onto the weapon and study it. A short time later, a report came down from Bogan that both Xesh and Lok had escaped the moon at the Council had assigned Ryo to join the taskforce. Piloting a Peacemaker-class cruiser with Rori Fenn and Shae Koda, Ryo followed a second ship manned by Temple Master Jake Fenn, Ranger Bel Zana and Sek'nos Rath up the gravity-well towards the dark side moon.[7]

Once on the moon, Ryo and his team searched the abandoned cell of Daegen Lok and quickly found a secret tunnel leading towards a crater in the moon's surface. Discovering wreckage from a Pho-V fighter left over from a downed craft abandoned from the Despot War, their torchlight quickly illuminated the walls of the crater which depicted a carving of Lok leading an army of Je'daii wielding Forcesabers. Drawn into his memories by seeing the carving, Ryo explained to Koda and Fenn how he too had seen the vision of a war on Tython. Lost in his thoughts, Ryo suddenly ignited the Forcesaber and attacked Ranger Fenn as a flock of mynocks swarmed around the group. Dragged off Fenn by Journeyer Koda, Hawk regained Balance and recounted the tale of how he had shared the vision with Lok but later had denied it so that he could leave the exile the Council had imposed on him. Realizing that Lok would use Xesh to fulfill his vision, Ryo directed the others to the moon to head for Krev Coeur, where Ryo knew Lok would be searching for crystals to power his weapon.[10]

Ryo confronts his old friend, Daegon Lok, on Nox.

In case they were too late to stop Lok on Krev Coeur, Ryo took his team to Nox while Jake Fenn attempted to prevent the man from retrieving the crystals. On Nox, Ryo knew Lok would have to travel there to forge the hilt and hoped to trap him should he avoid Fenn. Infiltrating the domed city of Boneyard, the Je'daii were attacked by a mutated slashrat which Ryo decapitated. Receiving word that Lok had indeed evaded capture on Krev Coeur, Ryo calmed a panicked Shae Koda after Jake Fenn revealed he had seemingly perished during the fighting. Tracking Lok to Skrag's Cantina, Rypo entered the establishment to be greeted by drawn rifles. Surrounded by former supporters of Despot Queen Hadiya, including Bakko, Shri-Lan, Gav Vannar and Ka'un Damm, Ryo avoided their ambush and jumped up through a skylight to the roof. Racing after Lok with Rori Fenn while Shae Koda chased Xesh, Ryo found Lok first and crossed blades with him. Denying the vision they shared, Ryo refused to believe that Lok was the destined leader of the Order and ordered him to surrender and return with him to Tython. Lok disengaged from the duel and claimed disappointment at Ryo's refusal to admit the truth before leaping off the ledge of the building and disappearing. Realizing that he had fought an illusion projected into his mind by Lok, Ryo deduced that the rogue Je'daii had departed for Shikaakwa to raise an army.[11]

Rendezvousing with Sek'nos Rath and his new companion, Trill at the base of Ryo Fortress on Shikaakwa, Ryo believed it would be best to enter through the fortress' sewer system rather then entering through the formal entrance. Reaching Baron Volnos Ryo's chamber just as Xesh and Daegen Lok attacked the Baron, Ryo, Fenn and Rath drew their weapons and moved to attack the fugitives but were distracted when Lok brought the roof down on them. Hurling the debris aside, the three Je'daii chased their prey onto the rooftop and began searching their targets out. After Lok attacked Fenn and knocked her out, Ryo arrived on the scene to deliver a roundhouse kick to the jaw that threw Lok to the ground. When both engaged each other with their Forcesabers, Lok employed a mind twist which brought Ryo's fears to the forefront of his mind. Blinded with the truth of his lie to the Council, Ryo overcame the mind trick and disarmed Lok, driving him to the ground. Before he could deliver a debilitating strike, Ryo was distracted by Xesh who jumped from above to attack the Ranger. In the moment's of confusion, Lok regained control of his Forcesaber and used it to remove Ryo's right leg at the knee. Saved from further attack by the timely intervention of Shae Koda, Ryo was returned to Tython where he was fitted with a prosthetic leg replacement. After he had recovered from the attack and learned of Lok's imprisonment on Bogan once more, Ryo joined Temple Master Ketu in his chambers at Akar Kesh to confess his part in the vision. But in the vision, it was not Lok leading the army of Je'daii into battle, but Xesh.[4]

The vision comes to pass[]

When the Infinite Empire launched their assault on the Tython system, Ryo joined in the fighting to protect his home system. A year into the fighting, Ryo participated in the battle for Shikaakwa by flying in the orbital defense of the world. When Generals Daegen Lok and Xesh were taking heavy fire from Rakatan annihilators on the ground, Lok called for Ryo to lead a strafing run on their position. In command of Red and Blue Squadron, Ryo successfully freed up Lok to lead the Je'daii to victory. Joining the Je'daii celebration on the ground after the battle, Ryo remarked on Lok's natural leadership ability and believed he would succeed in defeating the Rakata.[12]

During the battle to save Tython, Ryo flew in the orbital defense as Blue Leader alongside Rori Fenn. Unable to maintain the planetary defenses, several Rakatan ships slipped down to the planet to begin the fighting on the ground.[13] During the final moments of the battle, Ryo and Fenn were passing by the Tho Yor suspended over Anil Kesh when the sigils on the sides of the strange ship began to glow. Piloting their ships away from the pyramidal ship, they watched as the Tho Yor fired beams of energy which obliterated the Rakatan vessels in its path.[14]

Personality and traits[]

Hawk Ryo's Hunter-class fighter

A Twi'lek Je'daii, Hawk ryo was proud of his heritage but did not associate with his family, a notorious crime syndicate on his homeworld of Shikaakwa. A noble Je'daii, Ryo was haunted by his vision of coming war after descending into the Chasm and later convinced himself that he had been crazed in order to end his exile on Bogan. Continuously dogged by his lie and his betrayal of his friend, Daegen Lok, in the process, Ryo took to meditating on the Furies Gate space station to find peace. Having allegedly mastered his emotions during his exile on Bogan, Ryo occasionally had violent outbursts but was quick to regain control. Because of his training, Ryo was able to easily activate the Forcesaber, even when Temple Master Madog was unable to.


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