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Haxen Delto was a male human who served as a Colonel in the Alliance High Command on Yavin 4, where he oversaw the communications specialists that scoured HoloNet and subspace transmissions for patterns and packets of usable intelligence[2] as part of the communications section of Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service. Airen Cracken considered him the best source for eavesdropping on Imperial transmissions. He provided a report to Cracken on several Imperial superweapons[3]

He also provided a report to Davits Draven on his thoughts about the ties between Geonosis and the construction of an Imperial superweapon. Cracken tasked him with coming up with a concept that a kyber crystal-powered superweapon might take. He and his team came to the conclusion that the Empire might build a fleet of ships equipped with smaller cannons that combined would be more deadly than a single moon-sized planet killer.[3] Haxen Delto served as one of the leaders of the Alliance forces during the Battle of Endor.[4] His methodical approach stood all in good stead.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Haxen Delto was portrayed by Hiu Woong-Sin in the Star Wars anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[source?]



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