"The Haxion Brood is gunning for ya."
―Sorc Tormo[1]

The Haxion Brood was a crime syndicate that operated throughout the Outer Rim, led by the crime boss Sorc Tormo. The syndicate's headquarters was Ordo Eris, an asteroid stronghold that served as the center of the Haxion Brood's power structure. The Brood seemed to dominate the gambling and parts of the smuggling sector of the underworld. The Haxion Brood consisted of a number of cybernetically augmented bounty hunters and their accompanying reprogrammed bounty droids made from stolen droid parts.[1] Undergoing this process of cybernetic augmentation was seen as a sign of commitment and loyalty within the Brood.[2]

In 14 BBY,[3] the former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis was kidnapped by a bounty hunter of the Haxion Brood, due to his companion Greez Dritus' large gambling debt to the syndicate, and was locked up in a cell on Ordo Eris. After his escape he was forced to fight in the Haxion Fight Pit before Sorc Tormo. Dritus rescued Kestis in his starship, the Stinger Mantis, much to Tormo's anger. Following Kestis' escape from Ordo Eris, the Haxion Brood continued to send bounty hunters after him.[1]

A Haxion Brood commando.

Haxion Brood's bounty hunters and commandos were equipped with repulsorlifts and A280C blaster rifles.[1]



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