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"On this planet things are what Hay-Zu says they are!"

Hay-Zu, who styled himself as the Big Hay-Zu, was a male Patitite native to the planet Patitite Pattuna. During the Clone Wars, he ruled over his species as a dictator, sending their children to fight his wars. When Patitite scouts captured the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, Hay-Zu was brought to see them. He demanded that the droids leave his planet, but was killed when R2 fell on him.


"What's this? Your friend challenges the Big Hay-Zu's authority?"
―Hay-Zu becomes angry[3]

During the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the male Patitite Hay-Zu ruled over his species on their homeworld Patitite Pattuna. He sent some of his subjects' children to fight in his wars, and these were considered to be the lucky ones by the Patitites. When Patitite scouts including, Tagoo and Jimba, found the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 wandering on their homeworld, they subdued and tied up the offworlders and unsure of what to do, summoned Hay-Zu.[3]

The ruler arrived being carried on a repulsorlift throne, with musicians and dancers proceeding him. Upon seeing the pair he became angry after believing R2 had challenged his authority, but then grew bored when C-3PO tried to explain that the pair needed help repairing their crashed ship. Unmoved by the droids request for help, Hay-Zu ordered the droids to leave his world and had them unbound so they could go. Once free, R2 approached the ruler and made a surly comment causing C-3PO to smack him on the dome and knock him over, crushing Hay-Zu. Seeing that their ruler was dead, the Patitites cheered and chanted in joy. They then aided the droids in repairing their ship but asked C-3PO to stay as Hay-Zu's replacement. The droid instead introduced democracy to the Patitites, leaving them to argue over who should be voted in as leader.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"The Big Hay-Zu says there are no friendly visitors."
"This Hay-Zu doesn't sound very reasonable.
―Tagoo and C-3PO discuss Hay-Zu[3]

Hay-Zu was a tyrannical dictator who ruled over his people with an iron fist, not letting his size limit his ego or sense of entitlement. Portly and unusually large for his species at 0.4 meters tall, his people followed his every command with out question,[4] believing it was good for them.[3] He was willing to do or say almost anything in order to maintain his power over the Patitite people. Remaining neutral, Hay-Zu did not care about galactic politics[5] and warned his people that no off world visitors were friendly, causing them to attack strangers on sight. He had purple skin, yellow eyes, and no hair.[3]

When brought to C-3PO and R2, he informed the droids that on Patitite Patuna, his word was always truth. He later became angry when he believed R2 was challenging his authority. He became bored and yawned when C-3PO explained he and R2's situation, and refused to give them aid, claiming he was letting them live because he was in a good mood. When R2 was free and challenged Hay-Zu, the Patitite was unimpressed by the astromech droid.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Hay-Zu concept art

Concept art of Hay-Zu was drawn by Randy Bantog.

Hay-Zu was created for the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and appeared in the episode "Nomad Droids." He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also voiced a number of other characters in the television series. Concept art of Hay-Zu and the other Patitites was produced by artist Randy Bantog.[6]



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