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Hay-Zu, self-stylized as the Big Hay-Zu, was an overlord of the Patitite people. He was rather obese for his species, being carried by four Patitites on a throne to show power and vanity. He ruled over the people in a manner that made them hate him. C-3PO was praised for accidentally crushing him to death with R2-D2.


Hay-Zu was a corpulent Patitite who ruled over the planet, much to the frustration of his subjects who he often angered a lot. He felt that all intruders were trouble so when C-3PO and R2-D2 crash-landed in BTL-B Y-wing starfighter following a battle, he personally confronted them in his chariot, being pulled by four Patitites. He told them to leave immediately while he was in a 'good mood'. C-3PO was happy to leave, but R2 was not intimidated by Hay-Zu. He confronted him, towering over him, willing to take him on. In an attempt to prevent any trouble breaking for the both of them, C-3PO was going to shut R2 off, but accidentally pushed him instead, causing R2 to fall on Hay-Zu, killing him. The Patitites, however, were overjoyed by this new-found freedom and began worshiping C-3PO.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hay-Zu was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also voices Jabba the Hutt, CS-321, Pirate #1, Gorga the Hutt, Droogan and Marlo the Hutt in the series.



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