Hazard stormtroopers, also known as Hazard troopers were a specialized type of Imperial soldiers in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps.


Hazard troopers wore a very heavy suit of body armor that offered complete immunity to temperature extremes, immunity to acidic damage, as well as invulnerability to small-arms fire. Their air supply lasted for three days, and was enriched with beneficial bacteria. The armor was also a functioning space suit which could keep the wearer alive in a vacuum or underwater environment for up to three days. Hazard trooper armor was lightsaber resistant to a certain degree.

Mechanical arm of a Hazard Trooper, viewed from behind.

According to section 7782.X.ST08 of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Field Manual, the Hazard stormtrooper helmet is equipped with a HUD that alerts the wearer if an atmospheric contaminant has penetrated the filters of their mask and thus poses a lethal threat. Although nothing atypical is generally considered able to penetrate the suit's sealed environment, it was nonetheless mandated that, should any unusual smells or tastes infiltrated the suit somehow, they adhere to the following procedure, which is to stop breathing and close their mouths and eyes, then close the helmet filters manually, and then hold down the helmet purge valve and sharply exhale to clear the helmet environment. Afterwards, they are to alert their squad via one of three alarms, either a squad-only comlink alarm via three short comm bursts, a gestural alarm via extending their arm overhead with clenched fist, and then bend their arm 90 degrees at their elbow, or percussive alarm, which is three raps in close succession, armor on armor by knocking forearms together. If the armor's electronics were still functional, the potentially infected hazard stormtrooper is to initiate an emergency contaminant flush and antibiotic injections. Afterwards, they are to resume their mission, and then upon return to their base of operations, they are to report directly to quarantine for examination by the base's medical droids.

Hazard troopers had similarities to Dark troopers in that they were cyborgs, since they had their limbs removed and replaced with mechanical versions of them, though they were biological beings and not droids. Stormtroopers who were selected for hazard duty were required to undergo cyborg limb replacement to supply them with the necessary strength and stamina to operate their armor for extended missions. Hazard troopers were commonly equipped with either an Imperial heavy repeater or a Stouker concussion rifle, or, less commonly, an FC-1 flechette launcher.

They were relatively slow moving, but had very heavily armored suits to compensate.

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