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"You sign on to enough armies, you start to recognize the people to stick close to."
―Hazram Namir[1]

Hazram Namir, briefly named Donin and Umu Seven, was a male human soldier from the planet Crucival. During his early life he fought for various factions that managed to seize a dominant amount of power on his homeworld. However, after the Galactic Empire used him and many others as cannon fodder against the Alliance to Restore the Republic, he decided to join the other side as a ticket off of Crucival.

After three years in the Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry Namir eventually became First Sergeant and led his own squad. They ended up rescuing an Imperial governor named Everi Chalis on Haidoral Prime. Chalis offered information on the weak points in the Empire's war machine in return for asylum in the Alliance. Her information proved useful to the 61st during their campaign on Coyerti and their gamble to secure resources for their damaged CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike.

Namir and two other soldiers eventually came to escort Chalis and the 61st's captain, Micha Evon, to Hoth, for a strategy conference. However, the Empire soon discovered the rebel presence on Hoth and invaded. Namir and Chalis survived the battle and made it back to the 61st, but Evon and the other two were killed. Namir took command in Evon's place, and Chalis forged a new plan for them, named Operation Ringbreaker. Namir led the 61st through this campaign on multiple planets until the Thunderstrike was shot down on Sullust, leaving them stranded. Namir prepared his company for an inevitable attack, and they held out until the Imperial forces were defeated.


Early life[]

"Their soldiers are clones. They make them in batches."
"You don't say? Who told you that?"
"My father. He used to fight them. There was a war."
―Namir and a warrior of Malkhan[1]

Hazram Namir grew up on Crucival, a planet in the[1] Outer Rim's[3] Tion Hegemony, during the reign of the Galactic Empire. His father, whom he loved, was a retired soldier and a veteran the Clone Wars, having fought against the clone troopers of the Empire's predecessor, the Galactic Republic. Namir was told about the clones by his father, who described how the Republic made the troopers in batches. He also frequently argued with his father about the war.[1]

Although the government had rule over much of the galaxy, the Empire's forces on Crucival confined themselves to a transmitter tower. Namir learned to not go near the tower as the stormtroopers there killed anyone who went near it. Meanwhile, Crucival fell into civil war between various power-hungry factions that had spawned following the outcome of the Clone Wars. The planet's residents were isolated from the rest of the galaxy, making off-world resources, like blasters, very valuable.[1]

Young soldier[]

"I'm here to serve the clan."
"I guess you are. Just don't get your hopes up. Take it one fight at a time."
―Namir and a veteran soldier[1]

By 6 BBY,[4] the Malkhanis, a clan of warriors led by Warlord Malkhan, staked their claim to control Crucival and led an insurrection on the planet. Namir was told by his father that the clan was no different from any other faction on Crucival, warning him that they would only fail. However, after hearing the Malkhanis' victory celebrations from his home and rumors of their feasts, Namir decided to leave his father and join the faction. There, he received four gifts: a new name, "Donin"; ink-rubbed brands to prove his new name; a serrated knife; and a blaster, something his masters assured him was the most precious of the four gifts, especially as it only had a dozen shots left.[1]

Forty-seven days into the Malkhani Insurrections, Namir was stationed at a hilltop behind a stone wall. He and the people around him were there to fight an opposing force which had taken a nearby quarry and threatened the Malkhanis' territory. Although he believed victory was inevitable for his side, Namir questioned his own survival. While he was behind cover, he heard a howling noise and aimed his gun over the wall. He found nothing in front of him, and another warrior of Malkhan behind him pointed upwards to a TIE fighter heading towards the Empire's transmitter tower.[1]

The warrior warned Namir that messing with the Empire would get them all killed, but the latter stated that he already knew that, reciting what his father had told him about the clones. Namir was reminded by the clan warrior of who the Malkhanis were preparing to fight, to which the he promised that he was there to serve the clan. The warrior, though, told him not to get his hopes up and take it one fight at a time, which Namir did understand. The enemy appeared shortly after, and Namir aimed over the wall to see them approaching in the yellow grass below, carrying spears and blaster cannons the size of tree branches. Both sides opened fire on each other immediately.[1]

Serving the Creed[]

"You can still come back. There's enough room and enough food. I can hide you from the Creed—I know I can."
"The Creed serves us meat and honey and wine every night. When I wake up, I smell fruit instead of someone's waste in the street. I made oaths to them. Why would I ever go back with you?"
―Namir's father and Namir[1]

One day, Malkhan's lieutenants made claims to his cache of weapons, leading to a bloodletting that saw the fall of the Malkhanis. However, Namir was lucky enough to find the religious cult faction Opaline Creed quickly after. When he joined them, he was given the name "Umu Seven", Umu after the second son of the Hieroprince, an individual within the Creed's religion, and seven because there were six other Umus in the Creed. During his time there, he frequently recited the religious text Tome of the Hieroprince. Namir also befriended a girl called Pira Ten, who became family to him. Sometimes he claimed to her that he saw an alien, which excited her because non-humans were never seen on Crucival.[1]

In 4 BBY,[5] on the four-hundredth day of the Tripartite Culture Effrontery, Namir visited a bazaar to trade for off-world technology parts with merchants. After, he headed back towards the Opaline Creed cloister at the settlement Templemarch, looping through alleyways in case someone tried to follow him. During his journey, his father approached him from behind. Namir's father was surprised glad to see his son alive, but Namir advised the man to leave as he was heading for the Creed. His father chose to follow him so that Namir was not bothered on his journey. Namir was asked by his father if he was there for the fall of the Malkhanis and was reminded of what the man had warned about the Malkhanis long ago.[1]

After his father brought up the wars that came after the Clone Wars, Namir replied and claimed the man should have fought harder. Namir tried to walk faster, and his father asked him to come back and live with him again. Ceasing to walk, Namir harshly refused and did not turn around to see his father again before the man left. Namir eventually made it to the cloister and gave the parts he had bartered for to Creed engineers and weaponsmiths. He also found a bruised thorn pear in his sack, which he believed his father had slipped in.[1]

Namir then entered a grassy area where Pira was and fabricated a story of seeing an alien while they ate together. Pira checked with him that there had been no trouble during his journey to the bazaar, citing the robbery of an individual named Keffan outside of the market. Namir assured her that there was no trouble, calling the mission boring, which led Pira to joke that he was just waiting for a shooting war. He reluctantly admitted that he was expecting someone in the Creed to get stabbed in the back eventually.[1]

Betrayed by the Empire[]

"We lost pretty awful, didn't we?"
"I made a bad call."
"You really, really did. But you weren't the only one."
―Pira and Namir[1]

The Creed eventually fell, the cult's cloister being reduced to ruins. After, Namir drifted between other factions, including a group of acolytes led by an individual known as the Lady of Coins. He brought Pira with him, and soon grew tired of continuing to join more factions, feeling that he was growing too old for it. Thus, Namir formed his own band of soldiers who felt the same way. Two of his recruits were Tar and Mishru, whom he had fought against until their own masters had fallen. Namir's band numbered nearly a dozen soldiers. In the meantime, he eventually learned of his father's death, the man having been stabbed in the gut by a child.[1]

In 1 BBY,[6] Imperials from the transmitter tower approached Namir and others, offering to supply weapons to chose who chose to help defend the tower against an anticipated attack from the Rebel Alliance, a faction which challenged the Empire's rule over the galaxy. Seeing it as the best opportunity in a long time, Namir and his band accepted the Empire's offer. The band and around a thousand others were armed with particle blasters in preparation for the attack. However, when the rebels—the Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, better known as Twilight Company—soon laid siege to the defenses, they quickly overpowered the citizens despite being outnumbered. Most of Namir's band were killed in the first wave as the Imperials abandoned them and hid under their shield, leaving droids and TIE fighters to target fighters on the ground, rebel or mercenary.[1]

Namir survived the initial massacre of Crucival mercenaries, his blaster losing power on the first day. On the fourth day of the battle, he chose to begin fleeing the battlefield, crawling between trenches away from the tower and keeping unexposed in fear of rebel snipers. However he was found by a probe droid, and was forced to run to avoid a TIE barrage. Stumbling from his own fatigue, Namir strode over a hill and fell over a three meter escarpment into a ditch, injuring his legs. Further down the ditch, an injured Pira spotted him, and he dragged himself next to her. The pair joked about how badly their side had lost in the battle, and Pira concluded that her wounded leg was beyond infected.[1]

Namir sat with her, and the last thing they talked about before she died was bread pudding, which the Creed used to serve on their holy days. The next morning, he left her in the ditch and continued crawling through the battlefield to get out. He made it to what was left of the Opaline Creed cloister and, that night, he watched the hills burn from the battle.[1]

Joining Twilight Company[]

"So: Why do you wish to join the rebellion against the Empire?"
"The Empire killed my friends."
"You seek revenge then?"
"Not really."
"Good. Revenge is a fuel that burns too swiftly."
―Gadren and Namir[1]

The tower fell the next day. Namir spent the following days foraging for food. Almost a week after the battle, he found a line of people going from the nearby city and towards the ruins of the Empire's transmitter tower. Many of them were armed, and Namir followed them to an off-worlder camp he presumed belonged to the rebels. He made it to the front of the line of travelers, and a Besalisk named Gadren collected him and sat him down. There, Namir learned that it was a recruitment for the 61st, a company fighting for a larger rebel faction that opposed the Empire.[1]

After Gadren explained their cause to him, he looked around at the camp and studied it. When he saw a young recruit being collected from the line, he deduced to Gadren why that man may be a problem to the 61st. After doing that, they walked around the camp, and Namir studied the other recruits and whether they would be useful or not. Gadren asked Namir if he would teach them, and he replied that he would if he had to. With nowhere else to go and with no one left on Crucival to fight for, Namir signed on with the 61st, otherwise known as Twilight Company.[1]

Becoming a rebel[]

"I hear good things about you, Private. Sairgon informs me you keep saving the new recruits' lives. And those of some older soldiers, too."
"I've been doing this longer than most of them. Still having trouble judging firing ranges, though; not a lot of artillery on Crucival."
―Micha Evon and Namir[1]

In the weeks after Namir joined Twilight Company, he became a great asset for the company. On numerous occasions he saved the lives of other new recruits, and sometimes of more experienced soldiers as well. Lieutenant Sairgon repeatedly reported this to Twilight Company's captain, Micha Evon—referred to as Howl, beyond earshot. Two months after Namir left Crucival, news went around about the destruction of the planet Alderaan, orchestrated by the Empire's new superweapon, the Death Star. Namir asked Gadren how it was different from any of the other atrocities the Empire had committed. Gadren told him that there was a difference between the hope of life and absolute death.[1]

A few days later, Twilight Company was fighting in the honey fields of Vir Aphshire. At the same time, the Alliance forces were attacking the Death Star. Word soon came to Twilight Company that their attack was successful in destroying the Death Star. Namir was manning a trench when the soldiers began cheering about it. Vir Aphshire was liberated by Twilight Company the next day, and he was told to deliver a report to Howl by Sergeant Fektrin. Sairgon led Namir to Howl, and he gave him the report. Howl then told Namir to walk with him, and as they walked, he acknowledged Namir's heroic acts within the company. He then asked Namir what Twilight Company could do in their final day or two on Vir Aphshire. When Namir suggested raiding the nearby settlement, Howl assured him that they were trying to win the hearts and minds of the people, as a tactical victory against the Empire was not possible with how small the Alliance was.[1]

Namir mingled with the other soldiers of Twilight Company, befriending some like Brand, who had been watching him since he joined, and taking a dislike to others like Zab, whose squad he called "morons who could make a hydrospanner backfire." On late, dull nights, Namir wrote obscene poetry with Twilight Company's comm tech, who later died during the bombardment of Asyrphus. Twilight Company fought in many battles against the Empire during the advancement into the Mid Rim, on planets such as Phorsa Gedd and Bamayar. When the alliance's forces were overstretched, the advancement was halted and the Mid Rim Retreat began. He and Twilight Company helped evacuate bases and rescue rebel heroes and generals. Namir eventually ascended to the rank of First Sergeant in the company.[1]

Discovery on Haidoral Prime[]

"Why did you need our attention?"
"Thanks to the Rebellion, my days with the Empire are numbered. I understand you're recruiting. I want to join your company in return for asylum."
―Namir and Everi Chalis[1]

In 3 ABY,[7] nine months into the Mid Rim Retreat, Twilight Company was fighting on Haidoral Prime, where they dwindled the Imperial forces in its capital, Haidoral Administrative Center One. Thirty hours into the fighting, Namir, Gadren and another soldier, named Charmer, were sneaking through a street in the rain and came across a pile of civilian bodies. After stopping to receive further orders over their comlink, they were ambushed by four stormtroopers, one of which fired a rocket at the trio. Namir gave orders to the other two and fired at the stormtroopers, one of them dropping to the ground from his and Charmer's shots. Gadren then appeared behind the artilleryman and picked the stormtrooper up, slamming them onto another trooper. After Namir gunned down the last stormtrooper, the three assessed their injuries and returned to the rest of Twilight Company.[1]

Zab's squad had managed to sneak an astromech droid into the city surveillance center where they accessed the public address system and began advertising Twilight Company's open recruit. Three hours into the recruitment, they received a message, via a Mouse Droid, from a rebel sympathizer in the Governor's mansion claiming that some of their soldiers had been taken hostage. Namir knew it was a lie but Howl suspected that they might be civilians mistaken for Twilight soldiers.[1]

Namir took his squad—Charmer, Gadren and Brand—to investigate the mansion. They entered the neighboring residence, and Namir convinced the people there to be cooperative by gunning down their custodial droid. They then went to the rooftop garden and used a grappling hook to get onto one of the mansion's balconies. Namir, Charmer and Brand entered the mansion, leaving Gadren on standby as the grappling line could not take his weight. They roamed around the place, finding a line of statues of Imperial officials. When they got to the stairs, Charmer spotted two lightly armored local guards. Brand engaged first, quickly killing a guard with her knife. As Charmer took the second, Namir rushed forward and bumped into a stormtrooper. The two wrestled, and Brand helped him by digging her knife into the trooper.[1]

The three of them continued for the supposed location of the captives and soon reached it. They stormed in to find a dining hall converted into a main control room. Many military officers stood there, and Namir asked of the supposed prisoners. The officers looked confused, but the Imperial Governor Everi Chalis then intervened and claimed to be the prisoner. She shot the colonel, whom Namir had been pointing his gun at, and Namir and the other two began killing the rest of the officers. After Chalis killed the last officer, she asked to join Twilight Company in return for asylum in the Alliance. Gadren then appeared and stunned Chalis, and Namir agreed to take her back to the rest of Twilight Company.[1]

The dangerous guest[]

"Do you think she's for real?"
"She could be."
"Because if she is—Twilight has a target on its back. A lot worse could come."
―Namir and Howl, on Chalis[1]

Namir and the others took Chalis to Twilight Company's headquarters, the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike. Howl ordered her to be questioned in his office with Namir, Sairgon and Chief Medic Von Geiz by his side. She explained to them her rapid political decline in the Empire and offered them her knowledge on the weak points of the Empire's economical and military structure. She gave them examples to back her claims and offered Howl a drink. After hearing her, Howl decided to continue with her later.[1]

After attending Chalis's interview, Namir began training the new recruits who were able to fight. He introduced them to the DLT-20A blaster rifle and explained the basic training process they were to endure. Namir noticed one of the recruits staring aimlessly and asked of her name. She called herself Roach, despite Namir telling her she could pick a better name. Namir asked her about the White Book, the Alliance's training manual. She answered him with enough evidence that she had read it, which Namir had not, and he then contradicted the book, assuring the recruits that they did not need to take it seriously. After summarizing his points to them, he dismissed the recruits to their training and Roach approached him. She admitted to not knowing how to fire a blaster rifle and he had her meet him in the armory to sort that out.[1]

While Namir helped with the new recruits, Chalis was being held in a make-shift brig located at the ships secondary airlock. She had regular visits from Howl and food taken to her by Von Geiz. However, despite Howl's growing interest in her, the other soldiers in Twilight Company loathed her presence. Namir was forced to deal with one of the Haidoral recruits, named Corbo, who took a knife to her holding area. When Namir asked him why he was there, he told him that Chalis had ordered the deaths of his Felinx and other Felinx on Haidoral Prime.[1]

A few days later, the Thunderstrike and its escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise, ran into an Imperial patrol by accident. Namir was awoken from his bunk by the klaxons, and Roja asked him what was going on. Namir's assigned shelter, for the attack, was the mess hall. But he did not stay there long, as Sergeant Fektrin called him over to him. As the two discussed the situation, the Thunderstrike took another hit, and Fektrin received word of a hull breach around where Chalis was being held. Namir rushed to the brig and found the area burning from the damage. At the airlock, the guard, Maediyu, was unconscious, and Chalis was sitting cross-legged inside. Namir used his codes to open the door. Chalis, unfortunately, was not dressed to go back through the fire, so Namir took Maediyu in. He then locked them in, keeping the fire from getting to them until help arrived.[1]

That battle ended, and the death count stood at three deaths from the Apailana's Promise. Namir spent days in the infirmary, and after finally getting out, he met with Howl. During their meeting, Namir questioned Twilight Company's safety with Chalis as their guest and suggested handing her over to a more equipped Rebel company. However, despite the possibility of Chalis being a double agent or being manipulated, Howl thought that she may be an edge that the Alliance could use to turn the tide of the war.[1]

The Coyerti campaign[]

"Every planet stinks a little different."
―Hazram Namir[1]

Twilight Company's next target was Coyerti, the staging ground for the development and testing of many of the Empire's biological weapons. Their mission had two expected outcomes: to protect the Coyerti species during their breeding season, and provide cover for other Alliance forces that were retreating from the Mid Rim. Namir and Zab's squads were deployed together to take out an Imperial scout post. The two teams attacked from opposite sides and Gadren charged through with his blaster cannon. A grenadier almost killed the Besalisk but, luckily for him, the grenade did not detonate. Namir led Roach, who had replaced Charmer in his squad, to cover the others and two of Zab's men supported Gadren at the center of the camp to keep the Imperials from grouping up. After ten minutes, the camp was taken and the squads marched back into the jungle before TIE bombers could arrive and wipe them out.[1]

On the second day of the Coyerti campaign, Namir and his squad were waiting in a swamp for an Imperial convoy to pass by. Unfortunately for them, Sairgon contacted them five hours in to announce that it had changed route. That night, they watched the distant flashes as an Imperial fort was under attack from a dozen squads. On the third day, the squad was assigned to take out an AT-ST. At first, their efforts were a disaster, with the group enduring a series of unique but unsuccessful efforts to take the walker out. In the afternoon, they attacked it with a series of hit-and-run engagements. Roach lobbed a grenade close enough to visibly damage the walker, and by the evening, Namir devised a new tactic. They began luring the AT-ST towards a marsh, and eventually, the walker became submerged, with its crew trapped in the cockpit.[1]

On the fourth day, Namir and his squad marched towards a distillery Chalis had mentioned, which they were ordered to destroy. They arrived at the compound on the fifth day, and Brand went in alone to set the detonators while Namir and the other two kept watch. Brand set her explosives on blue barrels, for thirty minutes, and returned to them. Once the barrel exploded, the compound began evacuating, and Namir's squad entered the compound through one of the back entrances. They then milled through the rooms, rigging them to destroy the compound. Once done, Namir led them out, and they were half a kilometer out from the compound when it exploded.[1]

As they traveled towards their next rendezvous, the squad began feeling ill. Namir realized that it may have been one of the chemicals from the compound, but they continued towards their destination regardless. They reached the rendezvous to find no dropship waiting. With no other option but to wait for it, the four rested there for the night. The dropship arrived two days later and ferried the four back to the Thunderstrike. Fortunately for them, the bio-toxins they had been contaminated with were easily treatable and they were saved.[1]

Imperial pursuit[]

"Do you think the damage occurred in that first attack?"
"It is likely. I suspect even the Imperials did not identify our trail until Coyerti. Regardless, I do not have the adequate equipment to render repairs."
"Sen a full report to the Captain. This is going to be a problem."
―Namir and M2-M5 discuss the damages made to the Thunderstrike[1]

Three days after their departure from Coyerti, the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise were attacked at the edge of the Metatessu sector by an Imperial destroyer. They escaped under the cover of the Apailana's Promise, but thirty hours later, the two ships were ambushed in the Enrivi system by a Light cruiser and a TIE fighter squadron. After decimating the forces and moving on again, the two ships were attacked in the Chonsetta system, nineteen hours later, by a dozen TIE Interceptors. Twilight Company escaped with minor damages, but more Imperial groups were reportedly disengaging from Rebel engagements to hunt them. Namir approached the Thunderstrike's leading engineer, M2-M5, on the matter, and the droid concluded that its hyperdrive was leaving a trail of hypermatter for the Empire to follow. Namir told him to send a full report on this.[1]

Howl gathered Twilight Company's staff for a meeting, with Namir standing at the back with the less senior ones. There, they began debating on how to save Twilight Company, or at least the senior members. Howl assured the others that they were not abandoning Chalis, and she stepped up with her own idea. She proposed finding an Imperial cargo transport and boarding it. Sairgon was skeptical of this, but Howl interrupted the ensuing debate and asked Namir if it could be done. Namir built on the plan and suggested obtaining the necessary repair equipment for the Thunderstrike from a transport instead of capturing it. Howl thought it was an interesting idea and it went with it.[1]

Gathering supplies[]

"Now we just hope your engineers were right about what they needed."
"Sure. Once we're free and clear of the Mid Rim, we get to put this whole botched retreat in the past. Lick our wounds before the next massacre."
―Chalis and Namir[1]

Chalis conjured a plan to ambush and raid an Imperial heavy freighter. This plan took Twilight Company to the Redhurne system, where they waited two hours for one to appear. When a freighter did emerge, Chalis contacted it and tricked the crew into changing course. The Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise then sprung from the moon, where they hid, and the Thunderstrike launched its boarding pods at the ship. Namir got onto the freighter with Chalis and two other soldiers. While the other two guarded the pod, he led her towards one of the command stations. Once there, they met with Sergeant Fektrin, who was leading a trio of engineers with his own squad. Chalis checked the ships systems for locations on the vessel where they could salvage parts from. Once she identified the nearest, they guarded the rear of Fektrin's team while they traveled there and left them before they reached the lower decks.[1]

Namir and Chalis set up a kill zone down a hallway to eliminate any Imperial squads who passed the blockade that Sergeant Maximian Ajax's squad had set up. They managed to take out at least three Imperial squads before Fektrin's team had finished their way and began making their way back to the boarding pods. Soon enough, an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser came out of hyperspace to reinforce the freighter. Thus Howl gave the squads five minutes to get to the boarding pods. Namir had to break off from Chalis in order to assist Ajax's squad. He managed to free them from the stormtroopers attacking them, but Ajax died in the process. As he continued towards the pods, he also found the body of Fektrin, which had gone cold. He therefore took the sergeant's pod back to the Thunderstrike as the battle came to a close on the freighter. The mission was a success and, despite the loss of eight soldiers, Twilight Company could repair the Thunderstrike.[1]

Escort to Hoth[]

"Tomorrow morning, Howl, Chalis, me, Roja, and Beak. Wish me luck on the shuttle ride."
―Namir, before the journey to Hoth[1]

The Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise were scheduled to rendezvous with three other battle groups in deep space for repairs. Namir was informed of this by Howl and Sairgon. During that discussion, Howl revealed to Namir a schematic, that Chalis had been working on, of the workings of the Empire. One of the things it had on it was a Tibanna gas mining operation in the Pantrosian Eye, something which Alliance spies had only uncovered two weeks before. After consulting this with the Alliance High Command, they invited Howl and Chalis to their headquarters for a strategy conference. Howl chose Namir to be part of their escort to the Rebel base.[1]

The shuttle ride to Hoth was long and uneventful, with Namir using the time to exercise. None of them, not even Howl, knew of the location of the base and had to follow a route provided by the High Command. The route took them to Hoth, an ice planet. Upon arriving at the High Command's base, Echo Base, they were greeted by an Alliance General named Philap Bygar. Bygar acknowledged the hellish assignments Twilight Company had endured and congratulated them for that and their hospitality for Chalis.[1]

Working at Echo Base[]

"Who'd you get into it with?"
"Kryndal. Didn't catch his last name. Or maybe his first."
"He deserve it?"
"I like to think we both did."
―A freighter captain and Namir[1]

Howl and Chalis were quickly taken away for the strategy conference, leaving their escort, Namir, Roja and Beak, to do work around the base with the personnel. Namir did not have the technical specializations the other two possessed and was put to more basic work. On his second day on Hoth, Namir was warming power converters with an Rebel Alliance Special Forces soldier who he thought introduced himself as Kryndal. Kryndal talked about the four months training he had endured to join the Special Forces and recommended it to Namir, to which Namir refused. At the same time, Roja bonded hastily with the snowspeeder technicians and the talk around the base soon became entirely about the conference as more guests arrived.[1]


Hazram Namir criticized the blind loyalty of Darth Vader's stormtroopers (pictured).

A short while later, Namir was sat opposite Kryndal in the mess hall. Kryndal was discussing scenarios with two others where the Alliance took the Core Worlds. Namir wasn't so optimistic about how much Kryndal's passion went for the Alliance and when challenging Kryndal about how the Alliance would keep order after the Galactic Civil War. Kryndal and his friends tried to explain the Alliance's plan, but Namir ignored them and compared their compassion for their leaders to the blind loyalty of Darth Vader's stormtroopers. Namir's comment offended Kryndal to the point where he swung at Namir. Namir caught his hand and threw him across the table. He then dug his elbow into an aiding soldier behind him and forced his knee into Kryndal's stomach. Before he could do anymore damage to his foe, Namir was wrestled to the ground by the surrounding personnel and one of Kryndal's friends punched him in the jaw.[1]

As a result of the fight, Namir was put on lifting duty. There he met a captain, who was making repairs to his freighter when Namir delivered a bin of mechanical parts for it. The captain realized he had gotten into a fight and asked him who it was with. Namir answered him, and the two carried on with their jobs. When finished—or given up—with the repairs, the captain brought out a bottle of Corellian whiskey, and the two discussed the war. He had similar views to Namir on the Alliance's origin and aims, but thought Namir's were more extreme.[1]

Once his punishment was over, Namir found Roja and Beak, and they recounted past battles and joked about how stuck-up the Special Forces personnel were. The next day, Howl and Chalis returned with news of their imminent departure. Chalis, however, was not returning to Twilight Company and was going to stay with the High Command. She offered Namir to go with her, but when he was about to reply, a woman rushed into the room with news that the Empire had discovered Echo Base.[1]

The Battle of Hoth[]

Defending Outpost Delta[]

"I'm scheduled to leave on the first transport. The offer still stands—you're welcome to join me."
"I can't. I'm getting Howl off first."
―Chalis and Namir[1]

Following the news of Echo Base's discovery, a full evacuation ensued, named Code K-one-zero. Namir began running system checks aboard the shuttle he and the others had arrived on.[1] There, Chalis approached him. Thirty GR-75 medium transports were evacuating the most necessary at Echo Base,[8] and she was scheduled for the first transport,[1] named the Quantum Storm.[8] Chalis offered Namir a final time to come with her, and the High Command, but he refused, wanting to ensure Howl's safety first.[1]

Namir, Roja, and Beak were assigned to Perimeter Outpost Delta, where they huddled in the trenches with other soldiers from Echo Base. News soon came, through Namir's earpiece, of a fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers arriving above Hoth. Roja asked Namir many questions about the evacuation and what the Imperials were going to do next. Beak saved Namir from answering those, and when the three noticed the sky shimmer abruptly, he pointed out that Echo Base's shield was activated. With the shield up, the Star Destroyers could not fire on Echo Base and had to send down ground forces to deal with the base. The three began passing a pair of macrobinoculars to spot any approaching enemies. Roja spotted Imperial ships first, and Beak identified them as Gozanti-class cruisers, carrying Imperial walkers to the ground.[1]

Outpost Beta was the first sentry post to confirm the presence of ground troops. Soon after, flashes erupted in the sky, and the voice through Namir's comlink confirmed it to be shots[1] from Echo Base's V-150 Planet Defender, which had just covered the Quantum Storm's escape.[8] Unfortunately for the rebels, Outpost Beta was soon destroyed. Namir watched the flames in the distance and saw as the mines, which the soldiers at Outpost Beta had planted, were set off by an Imperial walker, dealing no effect. A female soldier came to Namir with news of incoming reconnaissance forces. Namir considered having the troops scatter for safety, but instead ordered them to get ready for the incoming troops.[1]

The enemy force Outpost Delta faced consisted of two floating gunnery platforms, each carrying a dozen snowtroopers, and an escorting AT-ST. Namir ordered the outpost's turret to fire on the platforms to prevent the troopers being deployed too close and overrunning the rebels. The Imperial forces advanced, and the turret quickly annihilated one of the platforms and all of its troops. The AT-ST charged forward, and the second platform, which the turret failed to hit, deployed its troopers. Namir, Roja, and Beak fired on the AT-ST in order to distract it from the turret. The AT-ST, though, ignored them and made short work of the turret. As the walker began picking off more troopers, the trio kept to the trench to keep the snowtroopers from reaching them.[1]

The AT-ST then began crossing the trenches, reducing more artillery to ash. By the time it reached the south side, the female soldier who had alerted Namir of the incoming forces was holding on to its leg. She was unable to move her legs and one of her hands was trapped in the walker's gears. Namir saw her raise a grenade with her free hand and disappear in a fire ball that took out the AT-ST. The second gunnery platform was now gone, and Roja and Beak dealt with the last handful of snowtroopers charging for the trenches. But with no artillery left at Outpost Delta and most of its crew dead, Namir and the other two had no choice but to return to the Echo Base.[1]

Searching for Howl[]

"We just got in from Delta. What's our status?"
"Most of the transports made it out, but that shield's going down any second. Last from the command center was to fall back and finish evac—all troops, all positions."
―Namir and a colonel[1]

With Outpost Delta designated vehicle destroyed and their Tauntauns scattered, Namir and the other surviving troops had to go on foot. Luckily for them, they found an abandoned HAVw A6 Juggernaut, which had been disabled during the fighting, and took back to the main base. Roja managed to get it working again in minutes and the others climbed on. They rode back towards Echo Base, going in between two AT-ATs. When they passed the wave of advancing snowtroopers, the group had to huddle on the roof of the vehicle and fire on them. One soldier fell off and another was shot in the chest trying to throw a grenade, but the Juggernauts armor held long enough for them to reach friendly territory.[1]


Imperial forces overwhelmed the rebel defenders of Hoth

By the time Namir and the other reached Echo Base, the trenches and artillery there was being abandoned and the troopers were in full retreat. The other soldiers on the juggernaut scattered and Namir consulted with a colonel about the status of the rebels. According to the colonel, most of the GR-75 medium transports had made it out, but the last word from command was to fall back. Namir asked him what he meant by last word and the man told Namir that the AT-ATs had got a few shots to hit Echo Base, possibly hitting command.[1]

Namir, Roja, and Beak entered the base, which had descended into chaos. Many of the corridors were half collapsed, with bodies under the rubble in some cases, and although the base was emptier, they were sure to hear distant blaster shots from snowtroopers who had already entered the base. They reached the mess hall and slowly advanced to command. The corridor there was mostly filled with wreckage and the three clambered through. When reaching the command, they found Chalis stranded with the unconscious Captain Howl, whose temple was now bleeding. More blaster shots echoed and Chalis suggested circling around the east end of the base. He went off to scout the area for a hangar and found multiple bodies of soldiers who had been killed by the invading snowtroopers. One of them was one of Kryndal's friends and Namir thought another resembled Kryndal himself, but he did not have time to check.[1]

Escaping Hoth[]

"You need to talk us past, send a clearance code like you did when we boarded the freighter."
―Namir, to Chalis[1]

Namir returned to the others, and they began moving towards a hangar together, carrying Howl. However, when they reached the corridor to the hangar, Darth Vader and a snowtrooper squad arrived. The group fired at Vader and his squad, killing one stormtrooper. The other ones moved out of the kill zone to return fire, and Vader advanced. Beak told the others to concentrate fire, but Vader kept advancing and deflecting shots, with his soldiers using him as cover. Vader then leaped at Beak and cut him in half. In response, Roja threw a fragmentation grenade at the Sith Lord. Vader used the Force to throw it towards Namir, and it landed just two meters down the corridor from him, knocking him out when exploding.[1]

Namir awoke soon after and began testing his limbs. He noticed Roja was dead a few meters away and saw Chalis was talking to Vader, expecting him to execute her. Vader was not there for Chalis and instead asked for Luke Skywalker. Their conversation was cut short by a snowtrooper claiming that they had located the Millennium Falcon. Vader threw Chalis into the wall and left with his escort. When Namir got up, he went to check Roja. The man had a blaster shot burned into his chest and was laid across Howl, who had died from his trauma. Namir began walking towards the hangar and realized Chalis was still there. She swung at him, but he caught her fist. He then convinced her to go back to the shuttle with him, and she agreed. Namir and Chalis then flew out of Echo Base, on the shuttle, and Chalis used her clearance codes to pose as a Blizzard Force unit in order to pass the Imperial blockade around Hoth.[1]

Regrouping and recovering[]

"Howl trusted you. What would he do now?"
"Something only Howl could do I'm sure. Better to ask ourselves this: what can we do without him?"
―Namir and Von Geiz[1]

Namir and Chalis arrived in deep space, where Twilight Company had rendezvoused with the flotilla weeks before, only to find debris and a hollowed-out freighter drifting around. Using a datachip Brand had given him in case of an emergency, he followed its coordinates to Ankhural, a backwater planet, infested with pirates, beyond Imperial space. There, Namir found Twilight Company in a worse state than he thought. During their time at the flotilla, a light freighter, the one Namir had found drifting around, named the Trumpet's Call had arrived from an engagement with only a handful of survivors and no life support. The Thunderstrike had taken them in, but when investigating the freighter, Brand discovered that the survivors were actually Imperial spies. By that time, spies were on the loose, and they stormed the Thunderstrike's bridge and slaughtered the officers. The rest of the flotilla got away thanks to a distress call from Lieutenant Sairgon, before his demise, and Brand and Gadren were able to regain control of the Thunderstrike before the Star Destroyer Herald could destroy it. But overall, Twilight Company had lost its main officers, and was not ready to hear that Howl too was dead.[1]

Twilight Company could not be completely ready to leave Ankhural until the Thunderstrike was fully repaired. Likewise, the Apailana's Promise was having its own repairs in orbit, overseen by a skeleton crew. Namir began attending daily conferences with the other most senior members of Twilight Company in the corvettes conference room. Although Von Geiz was now the most high-ranking officer in Twilight Company, Namir's experience and tactical mind gained him more influence over the battle group and its staff. One of the first problems he faced was a group who were considering leaving Twilight Company. Consisting of recruits from Haidoral Prime and a portion of Fektrin's old squad, they were afraid that the Empire would find Twilight Company in its defenseless state and destroy them all. Namir brought this up with the other senior members of Twilight Company and decided to try and break them up by assigning them to different posts.[1]

Quartermaster Hober soon brought up Howl's long-delayed funeral. Namir thought it would be too much of a distraction, but was outvoted. The funeral took place at a cantina, and Namir and a few others told stories of Howl, and what he did for Twilight Company. Sometime later, Namir and Brand went to buy parts for the Thunderstrike's communications array in the local market. Most of the people there were unwilling to help the rebels, so they were forced to take parts by force. Once the communications rig was in place, the Thunderstrike began reaching out for other rebel groups. They eventually briefly contacted another Alliance member, who assured them that most of the Alliance High Command was still alive. Von Geiz asked if there was anyone they could reach, but the boy in the hologram did not know and wished them good luck.[1]

A new mission[]

"Besides, the ship's about ready to take off. There's still work that has to happen, but we can handle it during flight."
"Assuming we have somewhere to go."
"Tomorrow morning, senior staff meeting. We'll figure something out."
―Namir and Brand[1]

Namir came to the realization that Twilight Company could not survive without a plan. For this he consulted Chalis, who had cooped up on the Thunderstrike, in what used to be Howl's quarters. He asked her for ideas and instead she brought up her past and how little the Empire cared about her defection, which annoyed her. Namir, though, brought up Sairgon, Fektrin, and Ajax, who were dead because of how little the Empire cared about her. He told Chalis that she owed Twilight Company, but she dismissed it, assuming the information she gave to the Alliance High Command was enough to pay her debts.[1]

Another problem arose for Twilight Company. A group of Twilight members had been attacked by thugs. While Jinsol came out with a broken nose, Maediyu had returned, holding the skin of her cheek in place. Brand thought it may have been the "real powers" of Ankhural sending a message to the battle group. She then traveled into the city to "finish the fight."[1]

The next day, Namir went to the usual meeting of senior staff, only to find Chalis at the far end of the table. During her absence, she had devised a plan for Twilight Company, named Operation Ringbreaker. Its primary target was Kuat Drive Yards, but targeted a number of Imperial-occupied worlds beforehand to draw out more forces from Kuat. The plan, in theory, could work, especially as a lot of the Imperial Navy was now chasing the Alliance into the Outer Rim Territories, leaving the Core Worlds' defenses weakened. Although it would cost a lot of resources and inflict many casualties for Twilight Company, if they won over Kuat Drive Yards, the Empire would lose its prime source of Star Destroyers. Although the plan drew much controversy, the vote was in favor, and Twilight Company had an objective.[1]

Attack on Mardona III[]

"Your squads know the mission. If we don't make it down, the operation won't be compromised."
"I know. We're going anyway."
―Despite Chalis' warning Namir chose to go down with the squads[1]

Chalis managed to convince Twilight Company Namir planned most of Operation Ringbreaker. This put him in charge of the whole operation and effectively over Twilight Company. Brand considered Namir the new captain, but he called it temporary command. Twilight Company left Ankhural soon enough to begin Operation Ringbreaker.[1]

The first target for Operation Ringbreaker was the warehouse world of Mardona III. The Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise entered the atmosphere in a huddled formation, a plan devised by the crew of the Apailana's Promise. TIE fighters swarmed towards the two ships, blocking any chance of them deploying the two X-wings. Namir ordered the deployment of the dropships from the bridge of the Thunderstrike and was keen to join them soon, despite Chalis' warnings. Thus he joined the troops, and the Thunderstrike left the system to avoid destruction while the ground operations ensued. Each squad had two dozen ion mines, which they planted at junctions, tram lines and underground warehouse entrances. Namir tried to help as much as he could with Chalis, planting his own mines. Maediyu had appointed herself as his bodyguard, an act of respect for when he saved her from burning over a month before.[1]

On the second day of the attack on Mardona III, Imperial armored vehicles were reported to be sweeping the whole sectors. Namir was forced have the teams fall back position and ordered the squads to cluster in tunnels below a housing block. They intended to have control of the block as it had food, water and computer resources available to them. Gadren, Mzun, and Zab were concerned about civilians being affected in this operation, but Namir chose to go ahead anyway. The dozen squads pour into the housing block and demanded the residents to return to their homes. They sealed off most of the entrances, clearing hallways and posting sentries down in the tunnels. Chalis volunteered to deal with the citizens but Namir told her the recruits from Haidoral Prime would kill him if he let her do so. To resolve the situation, Namir got a resident from every floor and brought them to the housing blocks education center to assure them they were not going to be persecuted.[1]

By the fourth day of the attack, many of the residents of the housing block had left. Squads were either defending the area from periodic attacks by Imperials, or slipping out through air ducts to continue sabotaging the tramways. The civilians still at the housing block proved a distraction. Namir had to deal with multiple situations involving them nearly every hour. By the end of the day, Namir was caught in a different situation. Roach had decided to use one of the empty housing pods to dance to music. Namir told her to turn it down so the neighboring residents did not have to complain.[1]

An hour later, news came in that Charmer and his squad were ambushed by an armored worm vehicle. Only Corbo was alive, heavily bandaged from his injuries. After questioning Corbo about the vehicle, Namir led a team to ambush to avenge Charmer and his two unlucky squad members and caught the worm vehicle as the crew was disembarking. The worm vehicle was destroyed that day and its crew brutally killed. At the same time, a contingent of Twilight soldiers, convinced of a leak in the housing block, began searching the housing block. They found an old man with a transmitter and beat him half to death before Gadren intervened. Namir decided to sweep his apartment and drain his accounts for what he did.[1]

On the evening of the fifth day, the squads abandoned the housing block, and Namir signaled for the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise return for pickup. The dropships then picked the squads up, and a large thunderstorm covered their escape. Following their departure, Twilight Company held a funeral for Charmer and the six other soldiers who had been killed in the attack on Mardona III. Afterward, Namir sat in Howl's old quarters; Chalis joined him and convinced him to start sleeping there instead of being among the other soldiers like he always was.[1]

Taking losses[]

"The bioweapons, that came from Coyerti. We destroyed the Distillery. We destroyed the stockpiles. That stuff should be gone, and instead my people are dead."
"We—you and your squad—destroyed enough biotoxin to save millions. Maybe more. But the Empire has been building its arsenal for decades. How much do you think is stored in dusty armories and warehouses across the galaxy?"
―Namir argues with Chalis over the sudden presence of bioweapons[1]

Following Mardona III, the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise attacked the poorly defended Dockyards of Najan-Rovi. They fell in less than a day, leaving almost a hundred burning Imperial luxury transports.[1]

After Najan-Rovi came Obumubo. Twilight Company was tasked with the destruction of the Imperial garrison there. Chalis specifically wanted certain individuals to be promoted out of Kuat in order to give the defenses there a less experienced leadership. The garrison at hand was defended by troops who regularly had to fend off sea creatures. Upon deployment, two soldiers and a medic drowned in the ocean, and it took two days of fighting for Twilight Company to set up its siege weapons. Once erected, though, the cannons brought down the garrison, and the soldiers fled the system before a group of destroyers could arrive to obliterate them.[1]

The night following the departure from Obumubo, Namir heard a noise from the Thunderstrike's mess hall. He found a number of soldiers around a droid showing a broadcast. The holovid showed an Imperial woman with news of more than fifteen rebel outposts and seven rebel leaders surrendering. Namir asked if any of it was true, but none of them knew for sure as they still had no contact with the fleet.[1]

The attack on Nakadia aimed to devastate the plastoid factories there. The squads struck under the cover of night, but Namir's strategy required the soldiers to march sleepless through the night. However, after Maediyu and many others returned staggered and sick, Namir realized that the Imperials were using military bio-weapons. Sixteen more fell to the toxins, being sprayed on them by airspeeders, but eventually, scouts were able to locate their origin. Following Maediyu's death, Namir, backed by Gadren, Mzun, and other alien soldiers, destroyed the warehouse where the poisons were stored. When he checked out the bio-toxins, he discovered they were from Coyerti. Chalis had claimed that destroying the distillery there would set the operations back ten years. When Namir confronted her about it, she told him that the Empire had been building an arsenal of bio-weapons for years and that the Coyerti campaign only halted their production.[1]

Picking off Imperial worlds[]

"And you think, what—I'm leading the company into another massacre?"
"No. I think you fear the sacrifices we have made, and the sacrifices to come."
―Namir and Gadren discuss the campaign[1]

In the next week, Twilight Company claimed victory on Naator and Xagobah. For their efforts, Twilight Company rested overnight on the junker world of Heap Nine. There, Namir stayed at another cantina with some of his fellow soldiers. He tried to flirt with a green-skinned woman, but she was not impressed by his fake story of being a meteor miner. Gadren found him after the woman had left, and as they talked, he told Namir of one of his first campaigns with Twilight Company, on Ferrok Pax. The next target for Operation Ringbreaker was the sabotage of mining equipment in the Kuliquo belt. Namir selected twenty soldiers he trusted for this mission, and Roach returned with a large piece of gold, which she gifted to him.[1]

Twilight Company now had only Sullust and Malastare to go before reaching Kuat. Chalis assured Namir that as long as they were quick to attack, they could avoid the Empire surrounding them. The day before the Thunderstrike was to arrive at Sullust, Namir made an attempt to reach out to the Alliance High Command. After two hours of waiting, a woman responded to his call. It was one of Kryndal's two friends in the Echo Base mess hall. Namir asked her if there was anything they should know before they were entirely out of contact with the Alliance, but the woman said that the High Command was yet to regroup and asked him if he still had Chalis. When he confirmed it to her, she mentioned that General Bygar was now dead.[1]

The Empire's trap[]

"Why are we doing this?"
"Chalis says—"
"Not Sullust. The whole campaign. Kuat."
"I made a promise, to support Twilight Company and the rebellion. Everyone here joined to strike back at the Empire. I'm giving them the best way I know to do it."
―Brand and Namir[1]

Commander Tohna, a transfer from the Apailana's Promise to the Thunderstrike, had devised the plan for arriving at Sullust. It involved jumping less than a million kilometers away from the surface to avoid facing the orbital defenses. Namir saw two flaws in the plan: that a miscalculation could crash them into the planet at lightspeed and that the first wave would not have time to clear out the beachheads. However, Namir approved of it anyway as there were no better ideas proposed to him. With twenty-four hours to take the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility, a number of squads forced their way in via the main entrances. The entirety of the facility's security was focused on the entrances, giving the rebels a lengthy standoff with the enemy that Namir watched from a distance.[1]

Airspeeders from the nearby garrisons were approaching the engagement. Namir watched them come into view and asked for a PLX-1 portable missile launcher. He took the weapon with him and approached the speeders. One redirected towards him, and he shot a rocket at it, destroying it. When he asked Chalis of their status, she told him they were ready for phase two. For this, a tunneling crew entered the facility. The several squads also stole mining vehicles and used them to burrow into the mountain. They tore into rooms of terrified Sullustans, and the rest of the squads pressed forward to take out the rest of the security and stormtroopers in the facility. The effort liberated Inyusu Tor for Twilight Company, and they began forcing the workers to leave.[1]

While the engineers programmed the facility to flood itself with lava, a program they intended to run when the dropships arrived, Twilight Company had twelve hours to pass. When the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise finally arrived, Namir was planning their attack on Malastare. Tohna realized that they had a heavy TIE presence and decided to fly in low so that the two vessels could cover the dropships. As the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise got closer, however, another squadron of TIE fighters appeared. Springing from behind Sullust's moon, Vixus Squadron had been waiting to attack Twilight Company and ambushed the two ships. Namir ordered them to pull back, but it was too late. The Thunderstrike soared past Twilight Company and crashed behind the nearby mountain. With the Apailana's Promise and its X-wings nowhere to be seen, they were now stranded on Sullust.[1]

Preparing for battle[]

"If the enemy gets this close, we're bound to lose anyway. I want squads around the perimeter in positions they can hold. Keep the Empire down the slope, make them fight for every meter they climb."
―Namir prepares the facility for defense[1]

Namir led half a dozen search-and-rescue squads to the wreckage of the Thunderstrike. While scouts traveled on stolen speeder bikes found in the facility's hangar, the rest of them went on foot. The Thunderstrike was partly intact. M2-M5 was among the dead, but Von Geiz and Tohna were but some of the lucky survivors. Namir carried Tohna back to Inyusu Tor and the whole team was able to leave before TIE bombers made more damage to the Thunderstrike. When they returned, Namir was updated about the Apailana's Promise, which had survived the battle with its two X-wings. He was also told of Imperial infantry circling the mountain while slowly closing in on them.[1]

The first thing Namir did was meet with Chalis. She was aware that Vixus Squadron's ambush had not been a coincidence and assumed that Prelate Verge—the commander of the Star Destroyer Herald and the individual whom attempted to seize the Thunderstrike following its infiltration by Imperial spies—was on his way aboard the Herald. Namir wanted Twilight Company to get off Sullust and flee to the Outer Rim to revived themselves. Chalis, though, still thought attacking Kuat was possible. For the time being, they both agreed that getting Twilight Company off Sullust was their priority. As Twilight Company readied the facility for defense, Vifra, M2-M5's successor, and her engineers toyed with the magma extractors, planning to use the lava against any invading force. Namir grinned at this and challenged her to take it a step further, trying to reference Twilight Company's fighting on Cartao.[1]

Finding help[]

"I want to go to Pinyumb."
"City at the base of the mountain? What for?"
"We know that there is a resistance on this planet. Luko's records show they attacked this facility recently and are active in the city."
―Chalis suggests to Namir about a trip to Pinyumb[1]

Chalis was aware of a small rebel group known as the Sullustan resistance in the nearby capital city of Pinyumb. Namir agreed to let her go, and she prompted him to join her. The two of them, Roach, Twitch and her final two squad members rode down the mountain aboard an Imperial troop transport they had found with the speeder bikes. After abandoning it, they changed into civilian clothes and crept through the Empire's perimeter without being spotted. They then sneaked onto Imperial transports which took them to Pinyumb. The city was on lockdown, with stormtrooper teams placed on every major throughway with floating cam droids. The Imperial emplacements, however, seemed to be only patrolling as a show of force, giving Namir's group an easy job remaining hidden.[1]

They found an old resistance safehouse mentioned in Howl's old file. The former icehouse had recently been visited, and Chalis deduced that its user was watching the traffic of coming and going starships to plan an attack. She sent Twitch's two soldiers down to scout the Pinyumb spaceport while they waited for any sign of the Sullustan resistance. Soon, one of the scouts reported stormtroopers outside the safehouse. As Twitch and Roach went out to respond to this, a firefight broke out. Namir covered Roach and Chalis as they took off across the street. He and Twitch soon followed but could not tell where the other two had gone. As they fled firing range of the stormtroopers, Twitch wanted to find her two scouts. Namir assumed they were dead, but she ran to find them anyway. Now on his own, Namir continued running. A grenade, though, caught him off guard, and the explosion knocked him unconscious.[1]

Namir woke up an hour later. He was still under rubble following the grenade explosion and was surrounded by stormtroopers. They picked him up and put him into the back of a large landspeeder. As the speeder began traveling down the street stormtrooper SP-475 took her malfunctioning helmet off and questioned him. The speeder then stopped, and a skirmish broke out. Namir hurled himself onto one of the two stormtroopers still in the speeder and SP-475 was pinned down by the blaster bolts. Namir then got out and ran towards the attacker. The individual was a Sullustan, and Namir followed him into an alleyway before slumping against a wall to throw up.[1]

As roundups began in Pinyumb, the Sullustan led Namir to a cantina and into its basement, where a terrified crowd was hiding. The Sullustan gave them food and medical supplies and also broke Namir's cuffs. The two then moved on to another hiding place in a dormitory. The Sullustan handed out more supplies when another dozen civilians came in, injured from a run-in with stormtroopers in the Swift Market. Namir bandaged a man's wound and smeared it with bacta. The next stop was an office at the back of a mining hanger. This was where the Sullustan resistance fighters were based. One of the three humans there asked who he was and introduced herself as Corjentain Malaqua. Namir also learned the Sullustan, named Nien Nunb, was the leader of the cell.[1]

Changing plan[]

"I think it's time to forget Kuat. I think if we're going to die, we should do it here, helping the people of Sullust, instead of marching to the Core Worlds and spitting in the face of evil."
―Namir proposes a new plan to his old squad[1]

The Sullustan resistance, consisting of Corjentain, Nunb and the other two humans, could not help Namir very much, though they offered to help him get back to Twilight Company. Despite that, Namir devised a new plan. Thinking back to what Howl had told him on Vir Aphshire, he realized that fighting for Sullust would make more of a victory and would win the hearts and minds of the civilians. When Corjentain returned from preparing Namir's return to Twilight Company, he brought the cell together and announced his plan. It involved trying to rally the fearful members of the Cobalt Laborers' Reformation Front, a less violent protest group in Pinyumb, to rise up against the Imperial forces in the city while Twilight Company defended the facility from the rest of them. It was a long shot for both rebel groups. Nevertheless, Nunb's cell complied.[1]

Corjentain showed Namir the route out of Pinyumb, and he travelled back to Twilight Company at the facility. He found Brand part of the way up the mountain. She confirmed Chalis and Roach's return, but told Namir that he, Twitch and her scouts had been presumed dead. Namir had her get his old squad back together, and they met up in a small piston control chamber. He proposed his plan to them; Brand and Roach agreed, but Gadren still believed in Operation Ringbreaker changing the course of the war. Two out of the three of them were in favor despite this, and now all Namir had to do was convince Chalis.[1]

In Namir's absence, Chalis had assumed control of Twilight Company. When he approached her, she was running an operation to take the Pinyumb spaceport and give Twilight Company a fleet of merchant ships to escape on. Though Namir thought highly of this idea, he could not let himself abandon the Sullustans he promised to help. He tried to protest to her plan with his own, but she only continued giving orders to her teams and requesting reports on the Imperial forces down the mountain. She tried to lead him out when Gadren picked her up and immobilized her with his four arms. He took her away and her plan was called off.[1]

Namir left Gadren, Brand and Roach to explain his plan to the Twilight soldiers while he did the same to the senior members. Twilight Company was in favor of the plan, and they prepared for the inevitable attack by the Empire. Less than half an hour after Chalis was taken away, Namir was at the top of one of the facility's spires, now a sentry post, when a runner came with reports of the Imperial forces beginning their attack. When Namir asked of their source, he told him the Star Destroyer Herald had arrived.[1]

Facing the Empire's wrath[]

"Any word from Pinyumb?"
"No, but we weren't expecting any. We've given them all the support we can—we've melted their jailers and we've trapped the local army up here."
―Gadren and Namir discuss Pinyumb[1]

Namir had set up three defensive lines: the outer line consisted of around a dozen soldiers behind cover; the middle line had a third of Twilight Company, with some of its artillery, and gave cover against the Imperial infantry and bombers; the inner line had another third of Twilight Company with the rest of the artillery. The Empire's reluctance to damage the facility was key to Twilight Company's survival against their more heavy weaponry and the Herald above. The difficulty of the mountain slope prevented the use of AT-ATs and slowed the forces heavily. The battle dragged heavily, with the initial Imperial waves only testing the defenses. As airspeeders gained ground, Namir told the outer line to withdraw slowly to the middle trenches. The stormtroopers soon passed through their former placements and continued advancing gradually.[1]

When just fifty meters from the middle line, the mass of stormtroopers halted for AT-STs to overtake. Although some of them fell, most were able to cause havoc in the trenches, with squads moving into the crossfire to evade them. Namir ordered the inner artillery to fire on the walkers while the middle line withdrew to the perimeter of the facility. Some squads were caught in the artillery fire and burned with the AT-STs. Namir left his sentry post and went down towards the battle. He consulted Von Geiz on the casualty situation and answered Corbo's questions about how they were helping the Sullustans. Twitch had returned, unsuccessful in saving her two scouts. After talking to a few more individuals, Namir returned to his sentry post.[1]

Brand spotted Chalis on a speeder some distance past the Empire's forces and reported this to Namir. She asked to kill her but Namir told her there were bigger priorities. The Imperials held back from the facility as the Herald descended towards the battlefield. It fired on the mountainside, vaporizing any scout or sniper who did not retreat quickly enough. Namir ordered the line to hold and hoped the turbolaser fire could not get close enough to the inner line without damaging the facility. The Herald, though, stopped firing, and Namir laughed when he realized the Apailana's Promise and its X-wings had returned. Hober doubted the gunship would last long, and the ground battle resumed to rage on.[1]

As the stormtroopers continued to approach, Namir ordered the soldiers to advance over the line and catch them in the open. Some died, but many more stormtroopers fell as the same time. Vifra's team had finished with their plan to channel lava from the facility. Namir gave the go-ahead and lava sent the Imperial forces into disarray. In addition, the lava seeped into tunnels the Sullustan resistance had dug to be channeled into Imperial guard posts near Pinyumb—their way of inspiring a revolution there. Without anywhere to retreat to, the remaining of them advanced even more and engaged Twilight soldiers in close combat. The line moved into the facility and took the fighting into the hallways.[1]

As Namir joined the retreat, he briefly bumped into Gadren and Roach, and they wished each other good luck. As the stormtroopers advanced, he joined the squads in fighting them and they gradually dwindled their forces. Meanwhile, Chalis had stolen a shuttle from the Pinyumb spaceport and allowed herself to be captured by the Herald. When Prelate Verge came to greet her, she set off around twenty ion bombs inside the shuttle, crippling the Herald's power and forcing it to return to orbit. Namir noticed the Star Destroyer rising above the clouds again and was confused as to what had happened. With the Herald gone, the morale of the Twilight soldiers returned, and they finished with the doomed Imperials.[1]

Planning for the future[]

"The interim government wants us around for two more weeks, at least. Once they feels secure, we'll get out of the way—ease the threat, make the Empire less eager to reduce this area to slag."

They had lost over a third of their troops and had another hundred injured soldiers. Roach had died in the final engagements, and Gadren had lost an arm. A revolution had successfully taken Pinyumb from the Empire, and pirate broadcasts suggested more uprisings had occurred around Sullust. An interim government was made in Pinyumb. Nunb made Namir join their daily meetings. There, he volunteered some of his soldiers for menial tasks and spoke up about military concerns. Namir intended for Twilight Company to vacate Sullust within two weeks to make the planet less of an Imperial target. The Apailana's Promise was drained and overheated from the battle, and Twilight members began scavenging the Thunderstrike for parts.[1]

Eventually, Namir received a message from Chalis, who had escaped the Herald. She congratulated him on his victory on Sullust and told him she was not returning to them. After she said her goodbyes, Namir felt an emptiness he had not felt since learning his father was dead. Twilight Company's funeral went on for hours, and after came the open recruit. So many Sullustans signed up for the Alliance that the recruit dragged into the night.[1]

New Republic Service and Siege of Troithe[]

Twilight Company later became part of the New Republic army after the new government's establishment after the Battle of Endor. It was deployed alongside General Hera Syndulla's battle group to the Cerberon system campaign. Twilight Company fought against Governor Hastemoor's forces in the Troithe operation, aided by Alphabet Squadron.[2]

When New Republic pilot Wyl Lark landed on Asteroid CER952B to ensure Twilight's readiness for the imminent arrival of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, he met with Namir and Brand. Namir assured Lark that while the Shadow Wing pilots might be skilled in the air, his unit could handle them on the ground.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"How do you think you ended up in this mess in the first place? After you won the Clone Wars, the Emperor snatched up power, other leaders missed their chance and started a rebellion. Victory always brings infighting."
―Hazram Namir, to Kryndal and his friends[1]

When Namir was old enough to fight, he became eager to serve the strongest faction on Crucival, the Malkhanis. Namir thought they were different from the other factions, despite what his father said. However, Namir learned the hard way how even the strongest factions could fall apart from within. He learned this when witnessing the destruction of the Malkhanis following Warlord Malkhan's death. Namir felt he never truly believed in a faction after the fall of the Malkhanis. Over several years, he became convinced that no faction could last forever and gathered a band of soldiers who were ready to stop fighting for factions. Due to his experiences on Crucival, Namir assumed that the Alliance to Restore the Republic was a power grab from senators who had missed their chance at the end of the Clone Wars. His belief got him into a fight with a very passionate Alliance Special Forces soldier named Kryndal. During his time at Echo Base Namir met Han Solo, who somewhat agreed with his views. However, even Solo thought Namir was quite cynical about some aspects of the war.[1]

After the Empire brought about the destruction of Namir's band, he felt he was not worthy of returning to Crucival's capital as he had essentially failed his friends and himself. When he came across the 61st Mobile Infantry—more commonly known as Twilight Company—Namir saw it as a ticket off Crucival and a chance to have his revenge against the Empire. Having been a soldier for over six years, Namir had a lot of experience over many of the members of Twilight Company. Within the first two months of him joining them, he managed to save the lives of other recruits and even more experienced soldiers. When Captain Micha Evon—nicknamed Howl—asked him how he would gather supplies for Twilight Company, Namir suggested looting the nearby village. Howl therefore taught Namir that it was about winning the people's hearts and not robbing them.[1]

Namir thought to himself many times that if he didn't believe in the rebel cause, then he should leave. He would have left if he didn't care for his friends in Twilight Company so much. Becoming a leader to Twilight Company meant the Twilight Soldiers respected Namir and looked up to him. Namir became very close to his peers during his time as Captain of Twilight Company. When stranded on Sullust Namir refused to leave the Sullustans after seeing the state they were in when going around Pinyumb. Namir had to overthrow Everi Chalis's temporary leadership of Twilight Company in order for his soldiers to stay with him and fight for Sullust.[1]

Hazram Namir was a human male with dark hair and bronze skin. His figure was lean but had a compact impression on Brand. Namir also had a thick colonial accent.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Namir's background gave me a way to explore the Rebellion with a jaded and cynical eye without making the Rebellion itself cynical. In part, this is an attempt to make the setting more relatable—the same way that Han Solo, in A New Hope, grounds the narrative with skepticism and sarcasm while Luke dreams of heroism—but it's also a great starting point from which to address some of the moral points I mentioned earlier."
―Alexander Freed[9]
Micha Evon

The image used by Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy to depict Hazram Namir

Hazram Namir first appeared as the main character in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[1] In an interview with the Daily Dot, Freed explained that he used Namir's backstory to show a more cynical point of view on the Rebel Alliance, without making the Alliance cynical itself, to make the setting more relatable in the same way Han Solo showed skepticism in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Freed expressed that Namir was an arguably not good man fighting among passionate believers in a righteous revolution.[9]

The 2021 reference book Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy, written by Jason Fry, Cole Horton, Chris Kempshall and Amy Ratcliffe, depicted Namir with the image of a man on the Battlefront: Twilight Company who resembled Micha Evon, as the individual had dark skin and a thick beard.[10] This article assumes that the depiction is erroneous.


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