Head Trip is a mini-adventure supplement to the Living Force Campaign Guide from Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game exclusively available at Wizards.com. It was written by Jeff Grubb. The adventure was not associated with the Living Force campaign, other than being in the same setting, and is demonstrating the use of the Cularin system for a home campaign.

It does not take place at any specifically mentioned point in time, but the presence of the Thaereian military ("Republic"), places it after 32 BBY, and it is probably meant to take place in the same timeframe as the Campaign Guide it supplements – 31 BBY.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Ginder the Bimm had come into the possession of the head of an L80-series protocol droid which had at one point been owned by Riboga the Hutt, but that Ginder had found in a shipment of salavage from Uffel. Finding the item to be attracting to much of the wrong kind of attention—thugs and soldiers who wanted the item but did not want to pay—Ginder contacted a group of freelancers he felt would be more able to deal with the situation. He planned on leaving the head with them and washing his hands of the affair, but as he was telling his tale of woe to them in the Falling Rodian cantina, first the soldiers and then the criminals approached their table to try to claim the head. A three way battle between the factions ensued, but Ginder's allies were able to make their exit from the cantina with the head.

Moments later on the street, they were approached by a protocol droid representing the droids of Uffel, which asked for the head. The freelancers again refused, and the protocol droid pressed a key on a datapad, arming explosives within the head, but quick action on the part of Ginder's allies was able to stop the explosion.

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