This article is about the leader of the Imperial Remnant from 41 ABY onward. You may be looking for the Head of State of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Head of State was the title given to the leader of the Imperial Remnant, beginning in 41 ABY at the end of the Second Galactic Civil War. The Remnant's Council of Moffs had been presiding over the organization in the final weeks of the war following the death of Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon, but when their opponents in the Jedi Coalition approached them with an ultimatum—face war crime trials for the deployment of a nanovirus of which they had recently approved of the creation, or accept the Coalition as their new allies and force the war's other party, the Confederation, to surrender to their combined might—the Moffs agreed. The catch was that Jagged Fel, a young starfighter pilot whose family had long had Imperial ties, would be installed as the Remnant's new leader in order to keep the Moffs in line. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker made the proposal to the Moff Council without first informing Fel of his intentions, which caught the pilot unaware. He accepted, however, in order to bring an end to the war.[1]

Fel led the Remnant for the next several years, and in 43 ABY, he visited the Alliance's capital world of Coruscant to attend a Unification Summit, designed to mend the broken relationships between the galaxy's various major governments.[2] While on the capital, he was the target of assassins and an attempted coup by Moff Drikl Lecersen,[3] and when he returned to Imperial Space, the power-hungry Admiral Natasi Daala also attempted to kill him and seize power. Though her plot failed,[4] public support for her in the Remnant led Fel to call a general election and turn the Head of State position into one electable by the Remnant's citizens in a wave of democratic reforms. With Fel's help, Admiral Vitor Reige won the race.[5]



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