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Odion has a headache

A young Odion with a severe headache

"What in - Kenobi, are you sick?"
"No. A headache. It's nothing."
"It's not nothing. You look like you're about to retch."
Bail Organa and Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

A headache described a pain in the head that was experienced by a sentient being. These types of pains could take place anywhere in the skull, and in any species that possessed distinct cranial features, including Gands.[1] However, the term "headache" was most often used by Humans. Headaches were usually simple pains, but could sometimes be a symptom of a much larger or serious problem.

If there was a trace of ammonia in a breathable oxygen atmosphere, it could cause beings to develop headaches. After she and her Rebel compatriots were rescued by Zuckuss and 4-LOM, Toryn Farr suffered from a headache while on the Mist Hunter, as a small amount of ammonia had remained in the air of the bounty hunters' ship after it was replaced by oxygen.[2]

Strong sunlight and loud noise would sometimes cause headaches as well,[3] as could lack of sleep.[4] Pressure to the skull could also lead to headaches,[5] as could a concussion.[6] The Sith Lord Odion suffered from debilitating headaches during his childhood years, caused by his hypersensitive Force connection.[7]

Commercial headache remedies,[8] in the form of painkillers[9] could be swallowed dry or taken with liquid, and would usually cure a simple headache.[8] One type of headache remedy was a special type of white tablet taken with a glass of water.[10] Capsules were another type of painkiller.[6]



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