The Healing Crystals of Fire were one of the greatest treasures of the Jedi Order. Kept under tight security in one of the Coruscant Jedi Temple's meditation chamber and guarded by the Circle of Jedi Healers, the stones were used to help heal serious wounds in the Halls of Healing. Named for the eternal flames that burned inside each crystal, the crystals were said to be able to bring an individual back from the brink of death.[2] It was rumored that the Healing Crystals originated on the planet Aurea, a gift from the Soulworks Collective Advisory Council to the Jedi High Council. During the age of the Galactic Empire the Advisory Council denounced the rumors.[1]

During a series of robberies, the Dark Jedi Xanatos attempted to steal these precious stones. He took the stolen stones to the Temple's fusion furnace in an attempt to destroy the Temple, yet Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn figured out Xanatos' plans and recovered the crystals in time.[3] Returned to their rightful place in the Temple, the crystals were lost during the Great Jedi Purge.[2]



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