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The Heavy Tactical Fighting Unit (H-TFU) was a battle droid model developed by Delban Serv-O-Droid.


These droids were developed for security purposes across the galaxy. A number of them were purchased by the Bespin mining guild who modified them to become formidable droids to help patrol as well as guard its interests in the system. They were built to withstand a wide range of harsh planetary conditions with their armored hulls capable of resisting massive impacts, heavy attacks and other traumas that would destroy a lesser droid model.

They were typically armed with only a powerful claw arm capable of detaining thieves and other undesirables. Bespin miners had modified the local fighting units to include a retractable vibroblade and were also armed with a deadly cutting laser. They moved about on a single wheel leg.


The Gungan Bounty hunter Kleef had a pair of H-TFUs serving him, which he set loose against Galen Marek. However, the Jedi managed to defeat them by using the Force to break them apart.



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