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The Mekuun Corporation Heavy Tracker was a repulsorlift Combat Assault Vehicle used as mobile surveillance and communications center by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Top view of the Heavy Tracker

The Mekuun Corporation Heavy Tracker was a 22.2 meter long repulsorlift vehicle. It had a top speed of one hundred and thirty kilometers an hour, and a ground clearance of two meters.[3] Heavy Trackers were equipped with an omniprobe sensor array,[1] a standard military-grade sensor array,[2] and integrated long-range comlink to detect enemy forces and then relay that information to front line combat units. The omniprobe conducted low-level scans tied to a planet's gravitational center, with the sensor beam following the terrain which allowed it to detect enemy units without requiring line-of-sight.[1]

The Heavy Tracker was a heavily armored craft armed with a single[1] Mk 2e/W heavy laser cannon[4] The cannon was fed data acquired by the omniprobe, allowing it to fire at selected targets from long range.[1] A crew of six operated the craft, two of whom were the gunners assigned to man the heavy laser cannon, although it could be run by a crew of three individuals if needed. Five additional crew operated the omniprobe;[3] two communications technicians, two sensor technicians, and the commander.[5] It could carry two hundred and fifty kilograms of cargo, and consumables to last a week.[3] Heavy Trackers cost 125,000 credits to buy new, and 75,000 used.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The Alliance to Restore the Republic classified the Heavy Tracker as a Combat Assault Vehicle, but utilized them as mobile scanning units rather than direct assault craft. Due to the vehicle's large target profile, slow speed, and long-range targeting capabilities, Heavy Trackers were kept behind the front lines since they had no reason to enter close combat situations.[1] They were also employed as mobile command units.[source?]

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