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The heavy repeating blaster was a large and powerful variant of blaster rifle.


The heavy repeating blasters were mainly used in bunker emplacements or mounted on combat vehicles,[1] though it could also be wielded by individuals.

The gun could only be used at a rapid fire rate. In its conventional usage, it would often be attached to a power generator to provide an unlimited number of shots, however it could also function with a portable power pack giving it a capacity of 20 shots.[2] The accuracy of the blaster as a personal use weapon was very limited, owing to the difficulty in controlling such a powerful autofire gun. When mounted on a tripod, the weapon became slightly easier to operate.[2]

Like all other kind of repeating blasters, the heavy variant was issued only to military use. They were designed for infantry support.[1]


Heavy repeating blasters were used by the specially trained Clone troopers called ARC Troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic.[2] They were also used by the SpecForce Heavy Weapon Specialists of the Rebel Alliance Special Forces during the Rebellion era.[4] The Millennium Falcon had a heavy repeating blaster installed on the ventral side as a surface defense cannon.[1] The Galactic Empire's E522 assassin droid sported a heavy repeating blaster among its arsenal.[5]



ARC Trooper firing SECR

An ARC trooper firing a repeating blaster

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