Hedala Fardi was a Force-sensitive human female living on the planet Thabeska during the first year of the Galactic Empire. She was four years old and the youngest member of a branch of the Fardi clan, a wealthy smuggler family on Thabeska. Hedala was Force-sensitive, and able to sense danger from afar. While the Togruta former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano was working as a mechanic and courier pilot for the Fardis, she befriended Hedala. Although most people could not distinguish between the various female cousins of Hedala's branch of the Fardi clan, everyone remembered Hedala. Her cousin Chenna joked that this meant that Hedala would not be successful in a life of crime. Hedala's Force talents also made her extremely good at many of the games she played with her cousins, including a throwing game. Her cousins became so used to it that they didn't find anything unusual about her skill.[1]

Two months before the one-year anniversary of Palpatine's ascension as Emperor, Ahsoka was working on one of the Fardis' droids when she saw several of the youngest Fardi cousins, including Hedala, playing in the shipyard, which they weren't allowed to do. Ahsoka was about to shoo them away when a stack of crates the children were playing on began to fall, so she used the Force to save the children's lives. The other children did not realize what had happened, but Ahsoka saw Hedala, who was too young to be included in the game, watching with a fascinated look on her face. Ahsoka was certain that Hedala was the only one who had seen and understood what she had done, and three days later, she saw Hedala use telekinesis to move a small stone.[1]

Shortly after the Empire Day festivities, when Ahsoka had left Thabeska in an attempt to avoid Imperial attention, Hedala sensed a "shadow" in the Force, which turned out to be the Inquisitor known as the Sixth Brother. The Sixth Brother had come to Thabeska after receiving reports of a Force-sensitive on the planet, but he was not strong enough in the Force to track it to its source, resulting in him leaving. Hedala later confided in Ahsoka, who advised her to stay away from the "shadow" should she sense it again. Ahsoka later told Hedala's uncle Fardi to safeguard the youngest of the clan because she was "special". Hedala was saddened by Ahsoka's departure.[1]


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