"I like my brain where it is, thank you, and have decided that a vat of nutrients is not the finest accommodation the galaxy has to offer."
―Hedon Istee[src]

Hedon Istee was a Twi'lek initiate in the B'omarr Order during the Galactic Civil War.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During 1 ABY, Hedon Istee claimed to have left the B'omarr Order to avoid "enlightenment." However, his former brothers had other ideas, and sent one of their bodyguards, a Gamorrean named Drognuz, to apparently force him back "into the fold," or dispose of him. Hedon, in desperate need of help, encountered a spacer while in Mos Entha. After telling the spacer of his predicament, the spacer agreed to find Drognuz and kill him. The spacer succeeded in killing Drognuz, and was awarded credits from Hedon. Though Hedon was thankful, he wondered why the monks were after him, seeing as how they were supposed to be pacifists.

However, the B'omarr did not relent. Hedon soon learned that they hired a bounty hunter to bring him back into their "serene embrace." Hedon, fearing his eventual demise, employed the same spacer to eliminate the bounty hunter, an IG-series droid named Rath Kanaz. Hedon warned the spacer not to listen to the bounty hunter, who would accuse Hedon of stealing a precious B'omarr object. The spacer once agreed to help Hedon, and set out to find Rath Kana. When the spacer approached the bounty hunter, Rath Kana said that all the B'omarr wanted was the sacred scroll which Hedon stole. However, the bounty hunter saw the spacer as a threat, and opened fire. However, Rath Kana was soon destroyed by the superior spacer. When the spacer returned to Hedon for another reward, Hedon assured the spacer that that he did not know anything about a sacred scroll.

However, Hedon grew exhausted of avoiding the B'omarr Order. He finally admitted to the spacer that he did in fact steal a sacred scroll. He also admitted that the B'omarr could care less about forcing Hedon to be enlightened, and that their abbot actually called Hedon a hopeless sensualist, and had him expelled. He gave the spacer one final task, which involved returning the sacred scroll to the abbot. When the spacer asked what the scroll was about, Hedon explained that it described the complicated procedures involved in enlightenment. In other words, it explained how to remove and transport a living brain. Hedon knew it was valuable, and initially planned to sell it for a good price on the black market.

The spacer agreed to help Hedon, and set forth to find the abbot in the desert. The spacer soon found the abbot, and handed over the sacred scroll. The spacer returned to Hedon, who thanked the spacer for bringing serenity to his life. Hedon was by now running low on credits, but awarded the spacer with an ancient holo-map. This holo-map led the spacer to a treasure in the Krayt Graveyard - a buried schematic for a Scythe blade.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Hedon Istee was a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He used to be located in the city of Mos Entha on Tatooine, and would give a quest to players which involved a storyline about the B'omarr Order. Ultimately, players were awarded with a treasure map which would lead to the location of a Scythe blade schematic in the Krayt Graveyard.

However, Hedon Istee was eventually removed from the game by the developers.

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