The Hegemony theater was the campaign by the New Republic against the Ciutric Hegemony of Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel in 9 ABY, just after the death of Thrawn.


After Thrawn's death, the New Republic Provisional Council decided to make a quick move against local warlords to show that they had not been as hamstrung by the Grand Admiral as might have appeared. Delak Krennel was chosen due to his murder of Grand Vizier Sate Pestage several years earlier, and had continued to support his reign by bloody purges and repressing non-humans.

The choice was seen as controversial by many, as Krennel had been relatively quiet since his rise to power and had not attempted to move outside the Hegemony. Aided by Ysanne Isard's clone, Krennel had helped this image by speaking out against superweapons, apologizing for the destruction of Alderaan, admitting the Empire had committed many wrong acts, and offering a refuge to Humans displaced by the New Republic's policies of reversing Imperial High Human Culture. As the policy continued, they were approached or had been approached by a number of refugee groups and other former Imperials, including Alderaanian refugees. They also had sent word to Gilad Pellaeon about bringing Thrawn's fleet into the Hegemony.

However, the tide began to turn against them after the discovery of the plans for the Pulsar Station, a Death Star-like superweapon. In reality, the plans were false and had been planted by the real Ysanne Isard, who helped a New Republic force led by Rogue Squadron liberate the Hegemony and kill Krennel.



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