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"Should've just given it up. Dying for some blank I.D. chips would be a bad way to go."
―Tobias Beckett, to Dvorad[src]

Tobias Beckett and his crew undertook a heist on the planet Hovun IV to steal ID chips from the criminal Dvorad. In reality, the mission had been given to them by Enfys Nest, who had tricked Beckett into thinking that the mission was assigned to them by Crimson Dawn leader Dryden Vos.


"Well, nice to know that the boss still trusts us with important jobs after the last thing went sideways."
―Rio Durant[src]

Tobias Beckett's gang, having had difficulties with their previous job for Crimson Dawn, received a coded message from who they believed was Dryden Vos, assigning them a mission to steal a supply of blank identichips. However, Vos had not sent the message; the assignment was a setup by Enfys Nest, who had tricked Beckett.[1]

The heistEdit

Tracking DvoradEdit

"With the Empire tightening control of the planetary trade routes, blank I.D. chips are becoming priceless. And Dvorad's the only chump in this system with a supply."

Beckett and his crew chose to target the Pantoran criminal Dvorad, who was known to possess a supply of blank ID chips aboard his ship. Unfortunately for the crew, nobody could find a name or description of the ship, so they devised a plan to let Dvorad lead them to it. Beckett's gang traveled to Hovun IV, and Rio Durant joined a game of sabacc in a cantina where Dvorad was currently residing. During the game of sabacc, Beckett, who was wearing a cloak, entered the establishment. Several gamblers noticed him, believing that he was a legendary death priest. Beckett imitated a Force choke on Durant, who played along, acting as if he had been killed. Val, who had been nearby, called for everyone to get out of the building while secretly planting a tracker on Dvorad.[1]

After the other patrons had left, Beckett and his crew followed Dvorad, who had noticed them, and attempted to escape aboard a speeder. Beckett chased Dvorad, managing to jump onto his speeder. As Rio and Val searched for another craft, Beckett fought with Dvorad, disarming him of his blaster and kicking him back onto the edge of the speeder. Dvorad, who was dangerously close to his speeder's engine intake, ordered his Tognath pilot to shut the vehicle down. Rio and Val caught up to them, having stolen another speeder themselves. Beckett aimed his blaster at Dvorad, ordering him to hand over the ID chips, but he was interrupted by Val, who had noticed an object rising up from underneath the water. The object turned out to be Dvorad's ship, which had been hidden beneath the ocean.[1]

Skirmish at Dvorad's shipEdit

"Sorry to interrupt…but we're gonna have to cut this chat short."
―Tobias Beckett, to Dvorad[src]

As the ship aimed its weapons at Beckett and his crew, Dvorad threatened to kill them, asking who had betrayed him. As Val tried to provide an explanation, Beckett bit his arm, letting the blood fall into the water and awakening a tentacled creature. The creature leapt out of the water, attacking Dvorad's ship. While Dvorad was distracted, Beckett leapt into his ship to search for the identichips. The creature grabbed Dvorad, throwing the Pantoran into its mouth and killing him. Beckett shot down several members of Dvorad's crew, locating the captain's bunk and retrieving the crate of blank ID chips. As he attempted to escape the ship, he was shot at by another member of the crew, but the shot reflected off the crate and hit the Talpini who had fired it.[1]

Beckett climbed out of the ship as the creature broke through the cockpit, killing the pilot. Beckett returned to the rest of his crew, who watched as the creature pulled Dvorad's ship down into the water. Beckett radioed his pilot droid D-1G, telling it to bring in the Rampart. The crew left Hovun IV, and Val returned Dryden's transmission.[1]


"Enfys managed to mask their communications and tricked us into thinking we got this mission from Dryden. Well played."
―Val and Enfys Nest[src]

Rio piloted the Rampart toward the space station Munt Ontdal, and landed the ship on Pad Nineteen. Beckett exited the ship on a 74-Z speeder bike, telling Durant to turn on the ship's lights. After Rio did so, Beckett discovered that he had been met by several individuals, who had been about to attack him. Beckett shot two of them and let his speeder bike crash into a third, informing his crew of the setup. As he lamented the loss of his bike, he was hit over the head with an electroripper staff, knocking him to the ground. The staff belonged to Enfys Nest, who stood behind Beckett with several of her Cloud-Riders.[1]

As Beckett threatened Nest, telling her that his friends had his ship's guns aimed at her, more Cloud-Riders led Rio and Val out of the Rampart. Changing tactics, Beckett tried to threaten Enfys with the possibility of Dryden Vos arriving, but Val had realized that Dryden was not coming, as the entire mission had been set up by Nest, and that they had been tricked. Enfys confirmed Val's statement, and questioned Beckett about the location of the ID chips. Rather than let Enfys get her hands on the ID chips, Beckett used a detonator to destroy the Rampart. The explosion knocked both Beckett's crew and Nest's Cloud-Riders aside, and Beckett attempted to find Enfys so that he could kill her. Val talked him out of it, telling him that security would be on the way. As they escaped, several stormtroopers approached, asking them what had happened. Beckett told them that it was a ship using dangerous black market fuel, and the stormtroopers let them go. The crew walked through the station, and Beckett traded a credit chip for another cloak, ready to try his "death wizard scam" again.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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