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"Today's flight takes you to the planet Corellia, you will be intercepting a First Order train shipment of Coaxium."
―Hondo Ohnaka[src]

During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Hondo Ohnaka of Ohnaka Transport Solutions launched a heist on a First Order train to steal containers of coaxium to give to the Resistance.[3]

Prior to the heist, Ohnaka made a deal with Chewbacca to use the Millennium Falcon for the heist in exchange for providing supplies to the Resistance.[3]

The heist was undertaken by the Millennium Falcon

Later Ohnaka and the crew that was on the Millennium Falcon arrived at their target, only to be met with several TIE/fo space superiority fighters. After shooting down several fighters, the Falcon managed to catch up to the train and managed to stop it by shooting at it and attaching to it with a cable. Ohnaka was successfully able to get a container of coaxium because of it.[3]

The two ships continued pursuing the train, taking out more TIEs and managing to get another container of coaxium. However, Ohnaka noticed a gunship and saw that things were getting hot. However, Chewbacca came up with a distraction, which would involve destroying the train. The crew on the Falcon shot missiles at the train, causing the train to explode and causing a Star Destroyer above to collapse. After escaping, both ships returned to Batuu.[3]

However, as both ships returned to the planet, several TIEs followed them. Due to the Falcon's hyperdrive failing, the Falcon engaged the TIEs while dodging asteroids at the same time. After all the TIEs were defeated, both ships managed to return to Black Spire Outpost safely.[3]

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