Heitor Girard was the Vicebaron of House Girard during the Cold War. The father of Aitalla and uncle of Zacar, Heitor advised his nephew while they were allied with the House of Thul and reconstituted Sith Empire. The hired Bounty Hunter killed him and the entire house Girard as another contract they took.[1]

Behind the scenes

During the Bounty Hunter's storyline, the player can support Heitor to become Baron, which is considered a dark side option. If Heitor is made Baron, he will charge Raffid with Patricide and force Aitalla into a marriage presumably with another noble. If Aitalla is crowned Baroness, her father is made a lord-in-waiting. If the Bounty Hunter takes the Rists' offer, Heitor and his house can be optionally killed.[1]


Notes and references

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