"The Rebels are doomed to quick defeat, then death or slavery!"

Heliesk was a Human male Imperial captain who commanded the Rand Ecliptic during the Galactic Civil War. His deputies were Biggs Darklighter and Derek Klivian.


When the frigate Lark was apprehended for not being able to transmit Imperial codes, Heliesk ordered it disabled, claiming it to be a suspected Rebel ship. When the vessel was destroyed by an over-eager TIE pilot, he stated that it would save days of prisoner interrogations. This sickened Darklighter and Klivian with this disregard for life, and pushed them to mutiny aboard the Rand Ecliptic. Heliesk locked himself in his quarters during the mutiny, but was soon captured and made a prisoner of war.

Ironically, Klivian and Darklighter soon learned on Bestine that Heliesk was a Rebel agent code-named "Starfire". Heliesk couldn't afford to blow his cover and aid the mutineers, but he did help them escape Bestine with the Rand Ecliptic and half a cargo of rubindum ore.[1]



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