Hell's Anvil was the customized personal ship of the bounty hunter Montross. It featured two aft-mounted Dyne 427 radial atomizer engines, not to mention two custom Keizar-Volvec KV4T8-i sublight engines on the tip of each wing. Montross also installed a Longe Voltrans tri-arc CD-1.3 hyperdrive, a double plated durasteel hull, and a multifaceted deflector shield array. Hell's Anvil was armed with solar ionization cannons, which evaded conventional deflector shields and melted durasteel.

History[edit | edit source]

A display console on Hell's Anvil.

Montross killed the original owner of this KR-TB "Doomtreader", who was wanted for a large bounty. Taking the ship and the reward, he removed most of the interior, and added prisoner cells, making use of the craft's large cargo hold. These holding cells were placed near the open hatch of the engine room, making the prisoners very sweaty and uncomfortable.

It is unknown what happened to Hell's Anvil after the death of Montross on Kohlma.

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Hell's Anvil interior

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