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As talk pages inevitably grow larger, the time it takes to load the page increases, and navigation becomes a chore. Since talk pages should never be deleted or cleared (except in some rare cases), the only other solution is to archive pages. The following is a guide on how to do this.

Keep in mind that archived discussions are closed, and should never be edited.

How to archiveEdit

  1. Create a subpage of the talk page you wish to archive. For example, Help:Archiving/Archive1. Should "/Archive1" be taken, create "/Archive2", et cetera.
  2. Copy the text you wish to move from the main talk page to the archive.
  3. Save both pages.
  4. You should now have two separate pages: the main talk page, with the archived discussion removed, and the archive, with the archived discussions. A good idea is to provide a link on the main talk page to the archive page for easy navigation.
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