Hemdil Tre was a male Arcona historian living during the Galactic War. He spend most of his life on his homeworld of Cona, where as Esteemed Professor of Military Antiquity he documented the entire military history of the Grand Nest. With the beginning of the Revolt against the Eternal Empire in 3632 BBY Hemdil, who was also exceptionally good with blasters, decided to document the actions of the Commander of the Anti-Zakuul Alliance. On the request of Theron Shan he traveled to Hoth, where he observed the role that the Hoth Star Fortress played in the ongoing conflict below. When the Alliance Commander arrived to take out the Star Fortress shield bunker, Hemdil Tre offered his assistance, arranging a coalition from those settlers of Hoth, who wanted the Star Fortress gone. He assisted the commander in assaulting and destroying the shield bunker and then traveled to Odessen, where he formally joined the Alliance after the Star Fortress was destroyed.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Hemdil Tre appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire as a new companion for all classes, recruited through the Star Fortress series of missions.


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