"With over 25,000 years of computer records alone, the idea that anything—artifacts, cities, weapons—has been 'lost' is absurd. In my experience, if something can't be found, it's because someone wanted it that way."
―Dr. Henrietya Antilles, "Xenoarchaelogy Defined," New Journal of Ancient Studies 3678.10[src]

Henrietya Antilles, commonly known as Corellia Antilles, was a Human female xenoarchaeologist who was a student of the historian Bleys Harand. She held the academic title of Doctor and worked mostly for the New Republic. Dr. Antilles specialized in dangerous artifact collection, also known as "treasure hunting", and was the New Republic's chief advisor on artifact recovery. She was also the subject of a series of popular holoserials.


Corellia Antilles

Henrietya Antilles was educated in several of the finest university programs in the galaxy, earning a doctorate in xenoarcheology and beginning a remarkable career in the discipline. At the height of her career, she had accumulated thousands of hours on archeological digs from the Core to the Outer Rim Territories.

The Ash Worlds[]

Bleys Harand sent Antilles and a number of his other students on expeditions to the Ash Worlds, in the Outer Rim Territories. There, they reported back to him that there was evidence that the worlds had suffered fission attacks about 25 millennia earlier, leading Harand to speculate that the worlds were the remnants of the Kiirium Reaches, which had been genocidally wiped out by the Hutts around that time. Antilles later discovered the Great Duinarbulon Mausoleum and worked to decipher the tomes she found inside it, which proved Harand's theory to be correct. She also found a map there, which became known as the Antilles Map, that showed that the world Wyndigal 2 was once called Huronom and the world OHS3842-03 was once known as Astigone.

The Ancient Khoz'zhak[]

Dr. Antilles was once a participant in a small, secret archeological expedition to Asation, a major Gree port world that considered the access point into the Gree Enclave. Her party was determined to find the Khoz'zhak, an ancient Gree artifact, its function completely unknown. Antilles and her survey team set up their base of operations in the spaceport of Satikan, the largest city on Asation. From there they made their way into a jungle, forbidden to all non-Gree, to explore a large ruin, supposedly the remains of a great city that had fallen prey to some undisclosed disaster. There, in the overgrown ruins deep in the wilderness, they found the Khoz'zhak among a tribe of feral Gree. Antilles and her team grabbed it and hurried back towards Satikan, but they were attacked both by savage jungle beasts and hostile tribal Gree who turned out to be very possessive of their property. To keep the artifact safe until she could retrieve it safely, Antilles hid it in an abandoned Gree structure two days out of Satikan, and then made her way towards the city alone. To make matters worse, she was confronted by an expedition of Gree from the planet Te Hasa, determined to either steal the Khoz'zhak themselves or to kidnap her to keep its location safe from foreigners, and she had to fight her way clear.

Antilles stumbled her way to the edge of Satikan and, coincidentally, collapsed at the feet of a group of traders. They heard her mumbling about "finding the Khoz'zhak" just before she lost consciousness. They nursed her back to health and, upon hearing her story, agreed to go to the ruins, retrieve the artifact, and smuggle it offworld in exchange for 7,500 credits. To help them accomplish this, Antilles shared her data map, and her notes on both the artifact and the feral Gree, with them. She herself spent much of the time hidden aboard their ship, while her newfound associates evaded the Te Hasan Gree, ferocious predators and savage tribal Gree to reach the Khoz'zhak's hiding place, only to find it had collapsed in the interim. To retrieve it, they had to dig into a dangerously unstable labyrinth of ancient Gree passages. Ultimately, they found the Khoz'zhak, but just as the traders reached Satikan, the Te Hasans intercepted them and offered them a deal: they would give the group trade goods in value of 10,000 credits in exchange for the artifact, while at the same time making it clear they would not allow the traders to leave with it. With little choice, they agreed to the deal and surrendered the Khoz'zhak to the Te Hasans. Antilles was left with nothing to show for her efforts, save her life, more than she could say for the rest of her survey team.

Corellia Antilles viewing a map of the galaxy

In 11 ABY, she addressed the heads of the Galactic Museum on Coruscant, where she had been assisting in the restoration of the collection after Imperial plundering during the Imperial Mutiny.

The Prisoners of Delrian[]

When a group of prisoners serving hard labor at Mine Head 37 on Delrian subdued their guards and took control of the mine, possibly with the help of corrupt members of the facility staff, Dr. Antilles was one of several unusual consultants brought in by Delrian authorities to help resolve the standoff. Joining her on this team were such diverse figures as: the Kooroo mystic Xavar; metallurgist Dr. Allor Vybb of the University of Byblos; the director of the Museum of Galactic Cultures on Coruscant; the chief enforcer of the security division of the Mining Guild. In addition, Antilles and the rest of this consulting group had to endure the presence of numerous bounty hunter associations and mercenary units who arrived on Delrian either to offer their services in resolving the crisis, or to resolve it on their own initiative.

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