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"The Court endures."
―Her Majesty[1]

"Her Majesty" was a female Nothoiin who led the Noble Court of the Anoat sector at the time of the Iron Blockade. Since the Anoat nobles were supposed to have been completely wiped out by the Galactic Empire long before the blockade, the real identity of Her Majesty remained hidden by tradition.[1]

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Personality and traits[]

At the time of the Blockade, Her Majesty often appeared standoffish. In truth, she was melancholic and often saddened by the cruel necessities of rebellion. Despite that, she was utterly devoted to restoring the prestige of the Noble Court, and remaind a powerful, regal presence.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Her Majesty first appeared in the 2015 mobile game Star Wars: Uprising, in which she was voiced by Cerris Morgan-Moyer.[1] She was designed by Brian Matyas, who sought to give her costume a classic and ornate feel without looking impractical. Matyas chose a purple palette because of the royal symbolism attached to that hue, and because it was a complementary color to the queen's golden skin.[3]



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