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The Herald was an[3] Imperial-class Star Destroyer[2] serving under Prelate Verge. Near the end of the Mid Rim Retreat, Verge pulled Captain Tabor Seitaron from his retirement to help him hunt Governor Everi Chalis who defected from her post at Haidoral Prime to the Alliance to Restore the Republics 61st Mobile Infantry. They followed leads on her and had imperial spies capture the Light freighter Trumpet's Call which was meant to rendezvous with the Sixty-First at a flotilla in the Elochar sector. There the spies seized the Sixty-Firsts CR90 corvette the Thunderstrike and gave their location to the Herald. The Herald then went there and found the Thunderstrike and its escort the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise being the only ships in the sector. By then the Sixty-First had regained control of the Corvette and began to flee. The Herald damaged the ship as it fled. For that whole battle, Chalis had been at Hoth with the Sixty-Firsts Captain Micha Evon.[3]

The Sixty-First had taken a blow from the Verge and the Herald and had no officers left after Captain Evon died in the Battle of Hoth. Now under the command of Hazram Namir and Chalis, they launched Operation Ringbreaker. During this operation, they attacked many imperial facilities and garrisons and Verge and Tabor locked onto this. They positioned Vixus Squadron at their next target of Sullust and the TIE Fighters shot down the Thunderstrike and scared off the Apailana's Promise. The Herald got to Sullust to find Chalis and the Sixty-First stranded at Inyusu Tor and imperial ground forces waiting for their support to attack. The battle began and the Herald began to bombard the Sixty-First. However, the Apailana's Promise returned to fend the Star Destroyer off. Chalis attempted to escape aboard a shuttle and the Herald captured it. Tabor and Verge went to greet her not knowing the shuttle was rigged with Ion bombs. Chalis set them off creating a power surge in the Herald. Verge died in the chaos and Tabor ordered the Herald to retreat allowing the Sixty-First to claim victory over Sullust.[3]



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