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"We give ourselves to Zildrog's glory so that the wicked may be punished. We die so that Zakuul may live on."
―Acolyte of the Heralds of Zildrog[src]

The Heralds of Zildrog, also known simply as Heralds, were a Force-using cult from Zakuul. Worshiping Zildrog, a mythical dragon predating the Zakuulan pantheon of Izax, the Heralds believed that Zildrog's second coming was imminent, and with it the end and remaking of the world.

Though considered heretical by mainline Zakuulan religions, the Heralds reached a truce with Arcann during his time as Emperor of the Eternal Empire. Arcann gave the Heralds jurisdiction over keeping the peace in the Old World of Zakuul, excluding the area from the jurisdiction of the Knights of Zakuul, who usually handled law enforcement.[1]

The Heralds' role in policing the Old World would put them in conflict with the individual known as the Commander when the Outlander came to their headquarters in Breaktown in search of the Lady of Sorrows, an information broker operating in the area. When the Outlander came before the Exalted of the Heralds in order to secure an audience with the Lady, the Exalted ordered the Outlander killed despite orders from the Lady not to. The Exalted and his Heralds then reported back to the Lady, who had kidnapped Brennen, the Exalted's son. For his disobedience, the Lady killed the old Exalted, and installed Brennen as new Exalted.[2]

Several Heralds also joined up with Order of Zildrog following the rise of the Eternal Alliance. Most of those who joined were killed during the Alliance mission to Nathema.

While their specific Force traditions are unknown, the Heralds appeared to be comprised largely of Force-sensitive individuals, and many used lightsabers as their primary weapon.[2]


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