Herian I'ngre was a female Bith starfighter pilot who flew X-wings with Rogue Squadron during the Galactic Civil War.


The Bith female Herian I'ngre joined the New Republic's elite starfighter unit Rogue Squadron[1] seven months after the Battle of Endor.[2] As a Bith, she went against her species' noted pacifistic tendencies, specifically due to the species diversity of the New Republic compared to the Humanocentric chauvinism of the Galactic Empire. Due to her species' characteristic short-sightedness, I'ngre wore corrective flight goggles while flying.

Shortly after she joined the squadron, Rogue Leader Wedge Antilles assigned her to rig her fellow pilots' seats with electrical charges during a simulation, in order to produce more realism.

I'ngre joined the squadron in time for the mission to Eiattu 6. The Rogues mostly fought on the ground during that campaign, battling the forces of Moff Leonia Tavira. I'ngre was captured along with several of her comrades, but she was rescued thanks to the efforts of the Rogue Nrin Vakil.

I'ngre's second mission with Rogue Squadron took her to Malrev IV in an effort to rescue the Bothan spaceliner Starfaring. Upon arriving on the planet the Rogues were attacked by TIE fighters piloted by primitive Irrukiine, who were under the control of the sorcerer Cartariun's Sith magic.

That proved to be I'ngre's only true fighter engagement with the squadron, as she was gravely wounded the next day during a ground battle with Carturian's forces. She suffered brain damage, and the goggles she used to fly were destroyed, grounding her. But when her squadron was in danger of being swamped by the enemy, I'ngre stole fellow Rogue Feylis Ardele's damaged fighter and, with Dllr Nep's guidance, flew the ship into the Sith temple responsible for the carnage on the planet. I'ngre and Nep sacrificed themselves to destroy the temple and save the lives of their fellow pilots.

I'ngre was known to possess an interest in music, often discussing the techniques of different bands with Nep, the Squadron's other music fan.



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