Herkan Base was a Golan III Space Defense NovaGun space station that orbited the planet Nam Chorios during the era of the Galactic Alliance. The base was one of a series of orbital installations that were operated by Galactic Alliance Army around Nam Chorios to prevent unauthorized departures of starships from the world, in an attempt to keep the Death Seed plague from spreading from the planet, and Herkan Base was positioned to oversee the Crystal Valley region of Nam Chorios. In 44 ABY, the station was infiltrated by the psychotic Jedi Jysella Horn, who brought the station under her control in order to serve the interests of the entity Abeloth. A short time later, the Lost Tribe of Sith sent forces to Nam Chorios and inserted some of their operatives aboard Nam Chorios' defensive installations to prevent the stations from being used against the Sith, but the tribe were unsuccessful at placing Herkan Base's weapons systems under their influence. The New Jedi Order's StealthX wing subsequently ambushed the Sith, and during the engagement, Herkan Base opened fire on the Jedi starfighters.


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