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Hermi Odle was a Baragwin male in Jabba the Hutt's employment at his desert palace. Odle wore a tattered cloak and had droopy lips. He took up residence on Tatooine after his ship was shot down by an Imperial patrol. He was employed by Jabba after he impressed the Hutt with his weapon-making skills, and tasked to make the palace impenetrable.


Odle was a faithful servant of the organization, designing weapons and the palace security system, and kept his position until Jabba's death.

Notably, his greatest foe in the palace was Pote Snitkin. Their rivalry took a turn for the worse, as Snitkin sabotaged a weapon of Odle's, which resulted in the death of one of Jabba's pets. The Baragwin got his revenge when he shot Snitkin on Jabba's sail barge in the frantic battle over the Pit of Carkoon during the attempted execution of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. Although only stunned, Snitkin was unable to escape the blast. Odle, however, did escape and traveled to Mos Eisley, where he stole one of Jabba's starships and left Tatooine for good.

Behind the scenes[]

In Return of the Jedi, mime artist Phil Herbert wore a full-body creature suit to portray Hermi Odle.

Hermi's deformed lip is unique to him. Baragwins generally have normal lips, like the Jedi Astaal Vilbum.

While the Databank on the official Star Wars website posits than Hermi Odle's name is likely a take on 'Hear Me Yodel',[2] creature call sheets from the production of the movie suggest that his name was originally "Hemmy Moroid", possibly a pun on "hemorrhoid".

Although Odle is supposed to have shot Pote Snitkin on Jabba's sail barge, Snitkin was not aboard the barge; he was driving one of the skiffs.

Star Wars: Force Collection misspells the character's name as Hermi Odel.



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